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Tag: voting rights

Dubaanans Vote Against Citizenship for Non-Unionists

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – With a decisive majority, the voters of the aquatic colony on Agoze V voted yesterday to continue their centuries-old custom of granting full citizenship only to members of a union.

Debate surrounding the proposal to grant citizenship rights to non-union employees of capsuleer extraction facilities had been contentious and, prior to the vote, many believed the results of the election would be close.

Union-less Citizenship Vote Nears on Dubaana

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – In the year since capsuleers began to interact with planetary populations through their massive resource extraction centers, life has changed dramatically for the inhabitants of this oceanic colony.

Prior to the start of capsuleer planetary interaction, the Union Council had been sole governing authority for the fifth planet in the Agoze system. The Council, comprised of representatives elected by the colony’s various labor unions, ruled the colony since LaSalle Submarine Extractions ceded control of its underwater operations centuries ago.