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Happy Sixth Anniversary ILF!

Namas Liberators!

Today we celebrate the Intaki Liberation Front’s sixth anniversary. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the health and success of the corporation in the last year. We would not have come this far without each of you. May we see many more anniversaries yet!

YC114 has been a year of change and challenges for us, but also activity!

Coreli Corporation Declare War On IPI

Ishukone Pledge Support

INTAKI V–MOON 5–ASTRAL MINING INC. REFINERY – Returning Serpentis affiliates Coreli Corporation yesterday announced a campaign to disrupt the Intaki Prosperity Initiative’s efforts to limit Serpentis Corporation activities across Placid and Federation space.

CRII’s Chief Executive, Joshua Foiritain, announced that false statements propagated about Serpentis activities, as well as attacks against SPC vessels and property could no longer be tolerated.

The announcement was met with pledges of support for the IPI. Amongst the groups offering aid, Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive alone have offered military support, sparking fresh debate about their true motives for maintaining token security operations in and around Intaki.

Are you a capsuleer interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!

Vasumati Cleared of Corruption Charges

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Four months after his arrest on corruption charges, Tanvir Vasumati emerged from the Duureanta Primary Court building a free man.

Vasumati, the former chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, was visibly thin and pale, but smiled broadly.

“I knew all along I would be vindicated in court,” he said. “These allegations against me were false from the start. I look forward to getting on with my life.”

Medusa PMC Opens Fire on Seven Gang, Catches Flak From Colony Officials

DAMANIER COLONY, INTAKI PRIME – The Medusa PMC made another strike against the criminal underworld of Intaki on March 20, and in so doing caused uproar in the colony between thankful citizens and concerned administrators.

The PMC, which made press headlines not long ago after destroying a Seven Gang outpost, have since harried and dogged the breakaway criminals in multiple locations, primarily the settlements closest to the equator. Unlike the polar centers of industry and commerce, the nearly lifeless equator of Intaki Prime lends itself to unfavorable social tension.

Suresha Hawke Found

It is with good news that I report Saxon Hawke has been rescued from a highly enforced Serpentis prison station.

After finding Saxon Hawke in a cell awaiting lethal injection by narcotics, I was able to remove him and get him to a less reinforced area of the station. It was there I was able to do an on-the-fly repair to his pod integration implant and get him in a pod system. He was then able to jump clone back into Intaki space. After I had verified Saxon had successfully made the jump, in order to protect any information they might be able to pull out of the emptied, I destroyed the old clone.

Saxon Hawke Survives Blast, Falls into Enemy Hands

An image of a beaten Suresha Hawke taken from video footage.The Eve Observer has received confirmation that, for the time being, missing Intaki Liberation Front CEO Saxon Hawke is alive and did survive an explosion that destroyed his home three weeks ago.

This reporter received an unmarked package containing a time-stamped video and a sample of genetic material that was an exact DNA match to Saxon Hawke. In the short video Mr. Hawke makes the following statement:

Call for Action Against Serpentis Threat

It has been nearly a year now since Vorada Kuvakei, hero to the Intaki people and protector of the Placid region, was unjustly expelled from our space. In that time, those who signed the order to exile him have done nothing to continue to work he began.

Now, with war waging and violence reaching out across New Eden, the Serpentis are once again seeking to profit by distributing dangerous and illicit drugs throughout the Placid region.

While on patrol recently, I encountered a large Serpentis convoy in Intaki. I was unable to take the ships by myself and had to fall back for repairs. Upon my return, the convoy had fled.

If this message reaches Vorada, I implore you to return to your people. In the meantime, I and the Intaki Liberation Front encourage all Intaki pilots loyal to their homeland to join us in keeping the system clear of Serpentis scum.