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Galnet Portal Update

I am excited to bring two announcements to you today.

First, this evening the Intaki Liberation Front has rolled out a new corporation logo. This rebrand has been done to give our corporation a more recognizable and meaningful identity. The new logo contains symbolism representative of our roleplay, and “Intaki red” and gold (with black) are now the official corp colors.

Intaki Homeworld Featured in DUST 514 Trailer

The Intaki homeworld is featured in a new CCP trailer of DUST 514, their upcoming console game. The trailer shows ground war scenes on the surface of the Intaki homeworld. Watch it now:

Video: DUST 514 – Ego-Shooter im Universum von EVE Online – Gamescom 2009 (5:18)

The trailer opens with a view of Intaki V from the control deck of a ground force deployment ship orbiting the planet. Next are exciting scenes of first-person combat in the Tikraul District of an unnamed Intaki homeworld city.

Following the in-game action sequence, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, presents the concept behind DUST 514 and how gameplay in this console-based game interfaces with the gameplay in the EVE Online MMO. You don’t want to miss this!