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IPI Joins Anti-Pirate Coalition

Suresha Saxon Hawke, president of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative [IPI] alliance, announced today that his organization has joined the NRDS Coalition, an anti-piracy group with members spanning New Eden.

The NRDS Coalition takes its name from the practice commonly known as “Not Red – Don’t Shoot” referring to the capsuleer system of flagging pilots known to be hostile enemies with a red indicator. It is the polar opposite of the NBSI or “Not Blue – Shoot It” policy where pilots freely aggress all pilots who are not specifically tagged with a blue “friendly” indicator.

Intaki Prosperity Initiative Formed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that the Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance has officially formed. The founding membership includes:

  • Intaki Liberation Front
  • Intaki Resource Allocation Group
  • The Lucidi Cartel
  • S.C.I.O.N.
  • Siddhean Inc.
  • Melibeus Trading

Each of these corporations will comprise the initial IPI Council, the governing body of the alliance.

This group will soon begin meeting to determine IPI policies and procedures.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen!