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New PMC Combats Crime on Intaki, Seven Gang on the Run

CENTE COLONY, INTAKI PRIME – For the first time since the failed anti-booster initiative of late YC112, the planetary law enforcement agencies of Intaki Prime have been given room to breathe following the arrival of a new private military company.

Cente Colony, often considered among the worst slums on Intaki Prime, has for years suffered the same common symptoms of the settlements nearest the equator: lack of housing and workable land, poverty, and lack of social resources. This environment has spawned—as is the case in many such colonies—a rampant criminal element. With a bleak future, many young residents turn to local gangs for support, their faith in their society diminished and their odds of productive lives slim.

Violence Ignites Intaki, Provoking Cross-Militia Cooperation

INTAKI PRIME – The system of Intaki was recently set alight by capsuleer combat, following an attack on a local station.

At roughly 1900 hours EST, Prosperity Station, a structure maintained by the Intaki Liberation Front for the purposes of space vessel production, came under fire from pilots of the Payment on Demand alliance. The attackers incapacitated the majority of the structure’s defensive capabilities, and with only five vessels reduced it to its final countermeasures. For eight hours, the sparse members of ILF in system struggled to repair Prosperity Station, losing a logistics ship in the process.

Blast Kills Two at Kapdan Embassy

INTAKI PRIME – An explosion this afternoon killed two and forced the evacuation of the Kapdan embassy on Intaki Prime. A group calling themselves “The Sons of Sansha” has claimed responsibility for the blast.

Initial reports say that just after noon local time a package arrived at the Kapdan embassy. A short time later a device concealed inside detonated, killing two people and injuring a dozen more. The bomb caused significant damage to the embassy and all personnel were evacuated.

Intaki V-5 Trade Hub Update

The last six months of YC112 saw 15,000,000,000 (15 Billion) ISK of ships and items sold at the Intaki Trade Hub.

Read more about it in this latest article from New Eden’s Interstellar Correspondents.

Are you a capsuleer or clone soldier interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!

Kumhbelaa Celebrations Get Under Way

INTAKI SPACE – With the arrival of the Kumhbelaa season, Intaki Prime and its colonies are in the midst of the celebration that comes but once every five years.

On Intaki Prime, beach resorts are booked solid and young people on holiday from university are crowding into nightclubs and open-air venues to party with one another.

“It’s great,” said Lajja Amroliwallah, a tourist from Cistuvaert. “I was too young to take part in the last Kumhbelaa, but my older sister came here and told me how much fun it was. I’ve been waiting ever since.”

Relief Supplies Poured into Intaki

Approaching low orbit around Intaki Prime.The Intaki Liberation Front is today conducting the most recent phase of their Intaki Homeworld Relief Effort, a massive relief operation bringing over 150,000 cubic meters of relief supplies to Intaki Prime.

The shipment included many items that have been in short supply in Intaki since Faction War moved into the Placid region. The Intaki government was thrilled to receive the donation of much-needed supplies, such as miniature electronics, consumer electronics, high-tech scanners, high-tech manufacturing tools, construction tools, robotics, rocket fuel, synthetic oil, superconductors, and even Quafe Ultra.

Intaki Homeworld Featured in DUST 514 Trailer

The Intaki homeworld is featured in a new CCP trailer of DUST 514, their upcoming console game. The trailer shows ground war scenes on the surface of the Intaki homeworld. Watch it now:

Video: DUST 514 – Ego-Shooter im Universum von EVE Online – Gamescom 2009 (5:18)

The trailer opens with a view of Intaki V from the control deck of a ground force deployment ship orbiting the planet. Next are exciting scenes of first-person combat in the Tikraul District of an unnamed Intaki homeworld city.

Following the in-game action sequence, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, presents the concept behind DUST 514 and how gameplay in this console-based game interfaces with the gameplay in the EVE Online MMO. You don’t want to miss this!

View the Intaki Homeworld

It is a sad reality that many of the Intaki race have never laid eyes upon their ancestral homeworld. Today, the Intaki Liberation Front is taking steps to address this issue.

“Being born in Syndicate space, I too grew up without a clear vision of the beauty that is Intaki,” said Saxon Hawke, Suresha of ILF. “Wanting to see if she could truly live up to the stories my grandfather had told me, I made the journey days after obtaining my pilot’s license. Moments after I discovered that his remembrances scarcely did her justice, I awoke in a clone vat.”

Call for Action Against Serpentis Threat

It has been nearly a year now since Vorada Kuvakei, hero to the Intaki people and protector of the Placid region, was unjustly expelled from our space. In that time, those who signed the order to exile him have done nothing to continue to work he began.

Now, with war waging and violence reaching out across New Eden, the Serpentis are once again seeking to profit by distributing dangerous and illicit drugs throughout the Placid region.

While on patrol recently, I encountered a large Serpentis convoy in Intaki. I was unable to take the ships by myself and had to fall back for repairs. Upon my return, the convoy had fled.

If this message reaches Vorada, I implore you to return to your people. In the meantime, I and the Intaki Liberation Front encourage all Intaki pilots loyal to their homeland to join us in keeping the system clear of Serpentis scum.

Denouncement of Martial Law on Caldari Prime

Since taking my seat as president of The Star League, I have been counseled to temper my calls for Intaki self-determination and in great measure I have done so. I have labored for the Federation, accepting missions from both her navy and senate, working to their ends and protecting the integrity of her sovereignty. However, recent events have taken me aback, grieved me for my lapse and given rise to my voice once more.