UD’HAR (FRARIE VII) – Neechemantra Shekhar, heir to the throne of the Ud’har Colony, has caused a stir in the royal court by announcing his engagement to Aurelie Léglise.

Shekhar, currently pursuing a degree in government studies at the University of Caille, met his bride-to-be on campus. Léglise is also a student at the university, majoring in fashion design.

The press secretary for Majamantra Jav’ri II has issued no official word, but insiders say the king is unhappy with the choice.

“This isn’t what the Maja had planned at all,” said one palace staffer who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He’s been up at night roaming the halls. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t eat.”

Prior to his departure for school, Shekhar had been romantically linked to Indira Chakrabarti, the daughter of Mahesha Dushyant Chakrabarti, head of the colony’s planetary defense forces. Dushyant Chakrabarti is considered one of the king’s most loyal supporters and the rebuff could have a chilling effect on their relationship.

It is uncommon, but not unheard of for Ud’har royalty to choose an off-world spouse. In fact, Jav’ri’s grandfather was born on the Kapdan Colony. Jean DePortaux was a young member of the diplomatic corps when he met Kit’ar, then neechemantri. When the princess announced her intention to marry the diplomat, her father initially refused to allow it. The king later relented and eventually blessed the union.

While DePortaux had a Gallente grandfather, it would appear that Léglise is of pure Gallente descent. She is the daughter of fashion holographer Guyon Léglise and actress Brigitte Léglise. Presuming Léglise and the prince have children, it would be the first time an heir to the throne of Ud’har was of less than 7/8 Intaki heritage.

Although the court on Ud’har was surprised by the announcement, fellow classmates said they saw the engagement coming for some time.

“They are always together,” said Bimal Suketu, a fellow Ud’harian who shares several classes with the prince. “He seems a lot happier now than when he first got here.”

The couple told the prince’s family of their intentions when they traveled to Ud’har at the start of Kuhmbelaa. The story didn’t break to the public until the couple arrived in Villore where Brigitte Léglise is on location filming a new holomovie. News began to spread across social media when Brigitte posted a status update reading “My little princess is going to be a princess 4 real.”

Traditionally, royal weddings are held in accordance with the Intaki Lunar Calendar, taking place on the Day of Rebirth in the Week of Rebirth under the Rebirth Moon (the sixth day of the first week of the first month of the Intaki year). The next occurrence of this will be 1/7/113. However, given the extravagance of these events and the time taken to plan them, it is unlikely that the couple will actually wed in a week. More than likely, the couple would be married on the next occurrence, which will take place on 8/29/114.