ROHAANAR (FRARIE VI) – Rhaj Shreemaan Rishtedaar announced today that in the next few days he would be turning control of the Rohaanar colony to his cousin, Idama Jeevan Nirantar.

As has become the tradition of the colony, Rishtedaar has led the colony since Nirantar underwent the saunp dena ritual approximately 30 years ago. The pair have alternated control of the colony since its founding, using the Intaki rebirth process as a means of perpetuating their two-man dynasty.

Since his most recent rebirth 30 years ago, Nirantar has been tutored, trained and groomed to resume his position as the spiritual and political leader of the colony. In his present incarnation, Nirantar is described as a solemn and introspective man, a description that does not vary significantly from previous incarnations.

In previous cases, the official announcement of the transfer of power came days before the former leader participated in a saunp dena ritual, the ceremonial suicide that frees the Intaki consciousness for rebirth. The move seems to confirm rumors that Rishtedaar is ill and nearing the completion of this life.

Rishtedaar did not appear publicly to make the announcement of the transfer, leading some to speculate that he may already have expired. Official sources deny these rumors, stating that the Rhaj is simply too busy at the moment to address the public formally. Nirantar, however, made several public appearances, delivering a similar message each time.

“I am pleased that Shreemaan has lived a pious life and is near to the Rohaan,” Nirantar said in one public address. “I accept now the mantle of leadership and will endeavor to shepherd all our people along this same path.”

Angarika Neerja, the Rohaani woman suspected to be carrying Rishtedaar’s next incarnation has not been seen in public for the last week. Official sources will neither confirm nor deny that she is in fact the official “vessel,” but one insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Neerja has been under round-the-clock observation and could deliver by the week’s end.

“The time is very close and Angarika is resting comfortably,” the source said. “The Rhaj is putting some final matters in order, but he is ready for his next life.”

Public reaction to the announcement was low key. For Lakshanya Prasannakumar this is the second time in her life that she has seen the process.

“The Rhaj and the Idama are like the hands of your father,” Prasannakumar explained. “You can see that they are different, but they are of one mind and one heart.”

Kshiraj Venkateshwara was among a group of Rohaani who expressed hope that Rishtedaar would not be reborn.

“He has followed the Ida as selflessly as a man can and I think he is ready for Rohaan,” Venkateshwara said, referring the final ascension of consciousness that the Rohaani believe transcends an individual from the physical world to a plane of spiritual existence.

Barring that, most Rohaani expect an official birth announcement sometime in the next week.