Today the Intaki Liberation Front announced completion of a major upgrade to their starbase in the Intaki system. The starbase now includes research and manufacturing facilities that have already created thousands of new jobs for the local population.

Putting unemployed Intaki to work is one of ILF’s highest priorities. Due to the continuous presence of pirates in the local spacelanes and long-standing neglect by the Federation, the local economy has been depressed for generations. ILF is hoping to spark a period of economic revival in and around the Intaki homeworld not only with their starbase but through anti-pirate activities, trade, diplomacy, and other means.

ILF’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by the citizens of New Eden. Today, Interstellar Correspondents reported on ILF’s starbase upgrade on the New Eden newswire.

Unfortunately, the correspondents largely missed the big picture, failing to note the many new jobs that have been created. Saxon Hawke, Suresha of the ILF, describes the oversight:

“Rather than focus on the ISK we have made or the fact that we are rolling out a few high tech ships, I’d rather have it known that we are putting Intaki people to work. That we are training them and giving them good jobs.

“More than a few advanced vessels, we are also making ammunition, modules, rigs and many standard issue vessels as well. This production, while not as flashy as an assault frigate, is employing thousands of people.”

Whether or not those outside the Intaki area always grasp the implications of ILF’s economic initiatives, ILF will continue to strive to improve the lives of those who live in the Intaki home system any way they can.

Are you a capsuleer or clone soldier interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!