Recently, following the Intaki Prosperity Initiative’s presidential election, Sakaane Eionell gave her acceptance speech during a ceremony held at the Intaki Cultural Center on Intaki Prime.

Text of the speech follows.

Suresha Hawke,
Members of the Intaki Liberation Front,
Honored guests,


It is a word that means a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects. It means good fortune.

I’ve had the good fortune to be elected President of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative by my peers. I want to thank each of you for your faith, trust, and support in me. It is an honor and a privilege to accept this position from Suresha Hawke and continue his good work with the alliance. I also have the good fortune to fly with many talented pilots, some of whom ran against me in the recent election. I’m proud to call each of you my friend. You have become my family and I could not have come this far without you.

We have the good fortune to live and work in close proximity to one of the most beautiful planets in all of New Eden: Intaki. The gardens in which we stand today are testament to the incredible beauty the homeworld offers. Likewise, many of us have the good fortune to have been born here, or can trace our lineage directly to Intaki. Or if not here, then to nearby colonies: Dubaana, Ud’har, or Rohaanar to name a few within the Intaki sovereignty. We also have the good fortune to share our homeland with those who have come to Intaki from afar, whether to learn our ways or contribute constructively to our society’s wellbeing.

Two years ago this January 31, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative was born. Its mandate is to promote peace, economic development, and prosperity for Intaki and the surrounding systems. To this end, let me express gratitude and congratulations to everyone who has, to date, dedicated themselves to this directive and cared for and supported the alliance’s development. You are the people who want to help create a better future for Intaki. You aspire to an Intaki where everyone can succeed, where excellence and opportunity coexist, and the people are free from the burdens of piracy.

Achieving prosperity should not be a quest to seek an advantage for one group over the other, nor to create prosperity for some by impoverishing others. The IPI’s purpose must be to provide a framework in which all in Intaki can benefit; in which inequities can be addressed; and in which all our people can prosper, thus building a structure of mutually beneficial, win-win and all-dimensional cooperation. The alliance should support the local communities and families that work so hard to care for each other. It should look to its members for assistance, resources, and friendship. IPI should also defend the rights of law-abiding citizens and promote Intaki values and interests at home and abroad. To achieve this end, we must move forward with great determination, courage, and energy, and pursue proactive policies that add to the alliance’s development.

However, there is more to be done. The stability and security of Intaki, though greatly improved from years past thanks to the efforts of the Intaki Liberation Front, Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, and others, remains uncertain in the face of the ongoing Empyrean War and persistence of Serpentis and unsavory capsuleer organizations. Achieving prosperity depends on the ability of our forces to stand with one another and with our allies to defend the Intaki sovereignty from those wishing to inflict harm, take resources of which no ownership is granted, and otherwise create chaos and disorder for the people who call this area home. This principle of collective defense should always be a core task for this alliance. And there should be no doubt, in any of our member corporations, about that shared commitment.

The strongest expression of our sovereignty and desire for prosperity comes through presence and actions, not words. We need to adapt our alliance to effectively protect Intaki’s population against these threats and carry out our business in the local economy. Member corporations should heed the call to promote prosperity and security in Intaki by being in Intaki, if not all of the time, then at least the majority of the time. Around this core principle all members should be united.

We must strengthen our defense. We must strengthen our cooperation with each other. And we must strengthen our partnerships with other alliances. None of this will be possible without you. With you, I want to make the Intaki Prosperity Initiative a success story we can be proud of and which the people of Intaki can embrace with confidence. I look forward to the meaningful support of all our members, new and old, to fulfill the mandate envisioned two years ago at the alliance’s birth, that is, to create a more prosperous future within the Intaki sovereignty.

Thank you.