KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – With half of this year’s matches now over, the Kapda Cannons have proven that they are the team to beat. Last night, the Ud’har Lightning did just that, avenging a loss to the Cannons last month.

After starting their season with a 2 and 2 record, the Cannons went on a winning streak, improving to 6 and 2 before being shut out at home. Coach Saavin Singh took the defeat in stride.

“We’ve been playing great this year, but last night we just couldn’t find our rhythm,” he said. “And I have to give credit to the Lightning, they are much better than when we played them before.”

The Lightning did look much different from the squad that allowed the Cannons to score seemingly at will when they met for the first time this year. That match had ended with a final score of 6-1, the lone Lightning score coming from Jaakar Depreet who had 20 attempts.

Following the earlier match, Lightning Coach Nindaal Jal’hal made a controversial decision to have Depreet move from being primarily a striker to a setter. Depreet threatened to quit and failed to show up for the Lightning’s next game.

In the weeks since, Depreet has become an energizing force in the Lightning organization. He has forged a particularly strong bond with veteran teammate Francois Oruganti and the two have emerged as one of the leading pairs in the league.

That partnership was on display last night when the Depreet-Oruganti tandem scored two times in the first half and once more in the second. The Lightning also saw rookie striker Haji Jayantilal score in the final minute off a set by Bali Kalanadhabhatla.

Despite his apparent rebirth as a “team player” Depreet’s reputation as a bad boy is still intact, however. In the closing moments of the Marut, Depreet appeared to be trying to kick the vatama away from the Cannons’ Ekavir Satyavolu. However, the kick was high striking Satyavolu in the chin and knocking him momentarily unconscious.

When asked about the kick after the match, Depreet was unapologetic.

“His head kind of looks like a vatama, you know?” he said with a wink. “It was an easy mistake to make.”

With the victory, the Lightning improve their record to 4 and 5. They play at home next week against the Intaki Interceptors. The Cannons will be traveling to Sahja to take on the Mavericks.