INTAKI PRIME – Part of a classified report leaked from an Intaki Assembly subcommittee would seem to refute claims by supporters of Sansha Kuvakei that the millions of people “uplifted” across New Eden had left their homes of their own free will.

The leaked document is part of a report summary, but exactly which subcommittee prepared it is not clear. The report deals with the Sansha incursion at the Ostingele II terraforming colony. Little information about the attack has been released to the public other than all 2 million people at the colony were “uplifted.”

While supporters of Kuvakei have maintained that the people carried away in their dropships have left their former lives behind voluntarily, others have speculated that some darker activity is at work.

According to a translation of the report, which was published originally in the Intaki native language, some sort of computer virus damaged a security camera on the station. While malfunctioning, the device did manage to capture some images.

The report states that “victims were under apparent physical and mental duress before becoming compliant” with Sansha ground forces.

“Many victims can be seen grabbing their necks at the base of the their skull,” the report continues. “This could be a sign that some type of neurological control was used.”

Once under control, the terraformers walk into open areas where they are grappled by some sort of broad-angle tractor beam that lifts them en masse to the hovering dropships.

The report summary concludes that the images are insufficient to fully understand the methods employed by the Sansha forces and notes that additional information would be needed to develop effective countermeasures.

Anlaa Banerjee, a spokesman for the Intaki Assembly, declined to comment on the leaked document, saying only “If such a document did exist, I can assure you that it’s level of classification would mean that I would have no knowledge of it.”