KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Kapdan Assemblyman Jirtal LeSoir, the Ostingele colony’s longest serving representative, announced today his plan to put forth a resolution calling for the immediate suspension of the Mordu’s Legion franchise for security services in the Intaki System.

LeSoir was among a vocal minority at the time the security contract was awarded to Mordu’s Legion and has continued to speak publicly against the decision. Today’s move, however, takes his opposition to a new level.

“My office staff in a fleet of second-hand Velators could provide better security than this so-called legion,” LeSoir said. “Their pilots are unresponsive at best and totally inept at worst.”

While Mordu’s Legion declines to release its combat efficiency data publicly, anecdotal evidence from the system seems to support LeSoir’s assertion. A poll recently conducted by the Eve Observer found that the majority (90%) of those asked rated the effectiveness of the Mordu’s Legion security forces as poor or very poor. In fact, “epic fail” was often used to describe the Legion’s battle tactics.

LeSoir went on to cite the fact that Legion ships are never seen anywhere outside the immediate vicinity of the Astral Mining station and that they seem preoccupied with shadowing Ishukone transport vessels as further evidence of their inability to fulfill the security franchise contract.

“The franchise is clearly worded and designates the safety of all commercial traffic to Mordu’s Legion,” LeSoir said. “Although Ishukone has the Assembly’s shipping franchise, they are not the whole of Intaki commerce.”

The resolution will likely meet with resistance, however, as there are those in the Assembly who have expressed support of the Legion in the past. Among the most outspoken Legion defenders is Rideep Singh of the Ud’har colony.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that the franchise gives the Legion a period of three years to reach full operational capacity,” Singh said from his office in the Frarie System. “In addition, I don’t think anyone anticipated the voracity with which the capsuleer community would set upon the Legion’s vessels.”

The ability of pod-enabled craft to quickly dispatch conventionally piloted ships of equal and even larger class size has been evident in Intaki where capsuleers have made sport of destroying Legion vessels.

As a resolution, LeSoir’s measure will require a simple majority in both houses of the Assembly. LeSoir said he plans to begin the debate when the next Assembly reconvenes.