INTAKI PRIME – In a surprising move, the normally pacifist Intaki Prosperity Initiative has declared war against mercenary corp Risen Angels.

Suresha Saxon Hawke, leader of the Intaki separatist Intaki Liberation Front, said the war declaration was made in response to Risen Angels’ recent aggression against Federal Robotics.

“Federal Robotics in general, and its CEO Lilen enDama in particular, have proven in a short time to be dedicated trading partners for the IPI’s Intaki Trade Hub,” Hawke said. “This blatant act of terrorism goes well beyond the simple piracy we normally face in Viriette and we cannot in good conscience allow Federal Robotics to stand alone against this threat.”

Nikita Alterana, Risen Angels’ leader, has been publicly coy as to her group’s involvement in a fatal bombing last week at a Federal Robotics office in Aunsou, but has confirmed that she and her pilots are under contract to act against the drone manufacturer.

“It’s purely business. We were paid a significant sum of ISK to interrupt their operations. I have even offered to Ms. en Dama to drop the dec, provided that the ISK we would be losing out on by abandoning the war was paid to us,” Alterana said. “I have no harsh feelings or hatred towards any members of FEDRO, and this operation is purely financial.”

Hawke, who is not normally known for endorsing violence, said it was his hope that the war could be resolved without a shot fired by either side.

“It is my most sincere wish that no further lives be lost in bringing an end to this situation,” he said. “If Risen Angels’ war is truly motivated by finances, surely Ms. Alterana can see IPI is in a position to greatly disrupt her ability to do business. We have significantly greater resources and are more than willing to bring them fully to bear to protect those who would do legitimate business in Intaki space.”

Hawke said IPI would immediately stand down once Risen Angels retracts its war against Federal Robotics.