Following months of intense activity, the Intaki Liberation Front and the IPI Alliance declare their effort to establish a lowsec trade hub at Intaki V-5 an unqualified success.

The goal of this initiative has been to help improve the lives of the citizens of the Intaki system and local areas by ramping up manufacturing and trade in the area. Through the creation of jobs and revitalization of commerce, residents of Intaki and surrounding systems benefit both financially and from an improved quality of life.

ILF/IPI announced the formation of the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub on March 9 of this year. Today, the citizens of New Eden have been made aware of their progress via the Interstellar Correspondents, which reported on ship sales and other developments at the Intaki Trade Hub.

Several other industrial and trade groups have also set up operations at Intaki and are contributing to the effort. All this translates to even more prosperity for local residents, who watch with optimism and pride as word of their local trade hub spreads far and wide across the cluster.

For more information about the trade hub, see the Intaki Trade Hub main page.

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