SINQ LAISON – Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama has resigned from his lecturing position at the University of Caille in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics.

The resignation, coming just a few weeks after his hiring last March, was reportedly closely related to Mr. Vremaja’s displeasure with the Federation government’s lack of support for Intaki culture and citizens. In his own words, “as an Idama [Intaki for “Most Holy”], I made a vow to be an example to my people. I can no longer in good conscience allow myself to be associated with an administration which knowingly neglects a significant portion of its citizens. The [Federation’s] Government is there to serve its people, not the other way around.” Mr. Vremaja made no comment about his future, although a return to Intaki Prime is rumored by the majority of the University’s Intaki students.

Carbircelle Hatiniestan, Caille’s CEO, confessed to being dumbstruck by the news. “Although I tend to agree with [Mr. Vremaja’s] perception that the Federation’s government could, and indeed should, take more proactive measures towards protecting minority cultures, to my knowledge nothing has changed during the last month regarding the Fed’s position towards Intaki culture, population or homeworld. I would be at a loss to mention what, exactly, made Mr. Vremaja resign from a post he accepted not two months ago. It is a great loss to our University, and I wholeheartedly hope he will return to our faculty at a future date.”

Intaki students applauded what most of them consider a portent of the Idama’s return to Intaki Prime and expect Mr. Vremaja to lead a pro-Intaki demonstration in the near future, citing a perceived increase in Gallente xenophobia as evidenced by presidential candidate Sen. Mentas Blaque’s latest speeches as the major cause of Mr. Vremaja’s resignation. Quite a few Deteis students agree with the above, considering Mr. Vremaja’s recent marriage to Ms. Vika Kuvakei, a Deteis closely linked to Lai Dai, to be a potential source of Gallente pressure against him. Ms. Hatiniestan labelled these rumours as “nonsense”.

“Few places in the cluster can rival our University’s multiracial environment, where both our professors and students come from literally every corner of the galaxy,” she said.

No official comment has been made by any Federation government officials.