In recent days the Intaki system has been subject to unfortunate events which have had a variety of disruptive or destructive consequences for local businesses and residents. In light of this and in cooperation with requests made by the Intaki Assembly, the Intaki Liberation Front has brought in extra volunteers and staff to ensure efficient and timely handling of supplies donated via our Intaki Prime Relief Effort program.

At this time, supplies are being earmarked specifically to aid in the reclamation of sites where existing infrastructure abandoned by Mordu’s Legion and Ishukone, which might have been converted by local groups for other uses, was damaged or destroyed outright. Plans are in progress to rebuild or renovate certain locations, while others will be cleared so indigenous flora and fauna may be reintroduced. In particular, there is a need for construction blocks and tools, certain electronic and mechanical parts, metal scraps, fertilizer, and soil.

Areas impacted by ground fighting have requested aid to replenish local supplies of antibiotics and similar commodities.

Interested capsuleers may refer to our Galnet relief program page for details on how to donate. Planetside mercenaries are currently restricted from donating supplies directly, but we are recruiting infantry and would appreciate the additional manpower to assist with ventures like this in the future once restrictions are lifted.

We thank everyone for their attention and generosity. Intaki endures.