Namas Liberators!

Today we celebrate the Intaki Liberation Front’s sixth anniversary. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the health and success of the corporation in the last year. We would not have come this far without each of you. May we see many more anniversaries yet!

YC114 has been a year of change and challenges for us, but also activity!

Overall we scheduled 32 combat and 8 mining operations this year, most of which were well-attended by members of the corp and alliance. Thank you to everyone who donated their time to run and participate in these activities.

A well-earned mid-year break was interrupted by a left-field war declaration by Valkyr Industries on July 21. ILF, with IPI, engaged the enemy numerous times. In the end VKYR allowed the war to lapse after one week. Since then, over 50 pilots (including Darc Kaahar, the perpetrator of the war) have abandoned VKYR.

In August, ILF, as part of IPI, was publicly recognized by our allies in I-RED for our ongoing work in Intaki. At the same time, Apollonius Verus, a long-time leader, mentor, and supporter to all of us, retired from our ranks to pursue planetside activities. He is dearly missed.

The last quarter of the year, typically a quieter time for ILF and the wider IPI, was again interrupted by war. Coreli Corporation, and later the alliance they formed, declared war on IPI on October 7. Coreli relied on warp-stabilized ships and would not engage the forces ILF was able to present unless Coreli outnumbered us two or more to one. On December 4, in one of the last engagements of the war, Coreli sunk so low as to field a Thanatos against an ILF Hurricane just to save a Coreli Brutix from destruction. These cowardly acts did not go unnoticed in the public’s eye, and in the end, Coreli allowed the war to lapse on December 5. We, and the greater IPI, remain, while our industrial and anti-Serpentis activities continue. I commend everyone for their perseverance during that two-month conflict and thank our allies for their assistance.

In the last two months, our Galnet portal has been updated and we have begun adopting new policies, such as the adjusted Rules of Engagement and the alliance’s formal area of operations, to assist with ILF’s every day operations. Other internal policies, such as admission requirements, are still under review.

I believe the Intaki Liberation Front is well-poised to have an excellent seventh year and I’m looking forward to working with each of you to that end. Let us continue to strive for Intaki independence, fight against piracy, find peace with our neighbors, and may YC115 make us better pilots!

Are you a capsuleer or clone soldier interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!