Leaders of the Intaki Liberation Front announced today their campaign to battle Intaki diaspora, an issue the group feels is one of the principal challenges facing Intaki culture today.

“At the founding of the Gallente Federation, the Intaki people were considered to be a ‘primitive’ race,” said Suresha Saxon Hawke, ILF’s leader. “In the centuries since, we have proven ourselves more than capable of plying the space lanes of the universe.”

The unfortunate consequence of the Intaki people’s ability to not only adapt to but thrive in nearly every aspect of space life has been that many Intaki have left their home region. Indeed, today Intaki are found throughout the Federation, in Caldari space and, of course, the Intaki Syndicate even exerts influence over its own region of space.

As the Intaki people become ever more dispersed throughout New Eden, their connection with their heritage becomes increasingly fragile. Many young Intaki today have little or no connection to the traditions that make them who they are.

“I myself was late to discover the rich heritage of my people,” Mr. Hawke said. “Not knowing who I truly was left me disconnected from life in many ways, but I feel I’ve been given a new life since returning to the Placid region.”

To this end, ILF is encouraging all interested Intaki to return to their roots. While travel to the Intaki home world remains dangerous, ILF hopes that the various Intaki interests in the Placid region can work together to arrange for the protection of convoys taking pilgrims to the system.

ILF is also looking for people interested in assisting Jyotmimana Karana in his study of Intaki art, history and philosophy.

“In addition to collecting and consolidating information about the Intaki people in the ILF library, I am conducting archaeological expeditions to Intaki V to attempt to collect artifacts for display and discussion,” Mr. Karana said.