INTAKI PRIME – An explosion this afternoon killed two and forced the evacuation of the Kapdan embassy on Intaki Prime. A group calling themselves “The Sons of Sansha” has claimed responsibility for the blast.

Initial reports say that just after noon local time a package arrived at the Kapdan embassy. A short time later a device concealed inside detonated, killing two people and injuring a dozen more. The bomb caused significant damage to the embassy and all personnel were evacuated.

As emergency crews were still responding to the scene, news agencies received copies of a statement from Kammir Bhattacharya, the reported leader of the The Sons of Sansha. In the message, Bhattacharya claims the attack was in response to recent anti-Sansha violence on the Kapda Colony.

Kapda has seen a rash of attacks, including arson and assault, against those who have publicly professed support of Kuvakei. Many residents of the colony, located on the seventh planet of the Ostingele system, were outraged by a leaked report that indicated that agents of Sansha’s Nation had abducted terraformers on Ostingele IV against their will.

To date, no arrests have been made in relation to any anti-Sansha activity on Kapda.

“We will tolerate the abuses against our brothers no longer,” Bhattacharya said in his statement. “If our enemies choose to hide their prejudice behind bureaucracy, then we will tear their bureaucracy down.”

The identities of those killed in the blast have not been released pending the notification of their families on Kapda. Early reports that Kapdan Ambassador Gaston Meyappan was killed have proven false. Meyappan was present when the device was detonated and suffered minor injuries. He was treated at a local hospital where he held a press conference a short time ago.

“These extremists do nothing to further their cause,” he said, raising a hand to his bandaged head. “This act of cowardice and malice only serves to further damage the reputation of those who profess to follow Sansha Kuvakei.”

As word of the blast reached Kapda, police took to the streets in full riot gear. Authorities said they were prepared for a new round of violence and would be instituting a dusk to dawn curfew if needed.

Members of the Shaastragya Vyavasthaapak, the Kapdan legislature, were being called to a special after-hours session to discuss what, if any, action needed to be taken to authorize such a police action.

There was also talk of advancing a measure to prohibit public display or distribution of pro-Sansha materials. That measure was debated, but was not called to a vote in the regular session this week.