Slavery is a widespread institution in New Eden. Though it is primarily associated with the Amarr Empire and related entities, it is also a vital part of Sansha’s Nation, and constitutes one of the major social and criminal problems in other parts of the cluster. Exact numbers are difficult to come by, but the Sisters of EVE estimate that up to ten percent of all people in the cluster are slaves. The majority of slaves are of Minmatar ancestry, but every race can count at least some of their kind among the enslaved. …

Khanid Kingdom


Despite their more diverse slave stock, the Kingdom’s slaves are still primarily Minmatar. However, the majority is not nearly as great as it is in the Empire, though the Kingdom keeps less strict records and thus percentages are much harder to come by. Estimates generally top out around 60% of the Kingdom’s slaves as Minmatar.

As with the Empire, large numbers of the Kingdom’s slaves are Ealur and of mixed heritage. Comparatively, the percentages are smaller, as the Kingdom has supplemented their stocks with large numbers of Gallente, Intaki, and Mannar stock. While they still make up a small minority, the populations are large enough that they have been subject to breeding programs by the Kingdom. …

Elsewhere in New Eden

Intaki Syndicate

Despite being considered a haven for piracy, the Syndicate does not allow slavery of any form within its borders. Enforcement of this directive has been spotty, though it is typically followed by visitors to the area, who usually prefer the status quo to any disruption of it. …

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