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Category: Library

The library contains articles about the Intaki homeworld and its people that have been written by independent authors and is not officially endorsed by the Intaki Assembly.

A Brief Intaki Lexicon

Following are a few common Intaki terms and expressions. For much more information and discussion about Intaki language, be sure to read the full Vaanin k’Intaki.

Vaanin k’Intaki: Speech of the Intaki

Intaki brothers and sisters, as we encounter the citizens, capsuleers, and clone soldiers of New Eden during the course of our daily lives, let us honor our ancestors by putting to good use the ancient language of the Intaki homeworld.

As you traverse the spacelanes and planets of New Eden, greet others with words of the traditional Intaki language used for centuries on Intaki Prime, birthplace of the Intaki people. Sprinkle your conversations with Intaki terms, and never fail to educate those you meet on their meaning.

Kendu Kanarma

The Beautiful Game

Sport is not the first thing one thinks of when considering the Intaki people. Most likely, the average denizen of New Eden has only a cursory understanding of this old and widely spread civilization, and stereotypes prevail in such understanding as they do everywhere else.

Yet the Intaki are not a people so utterly reserved and diplomatic that they cannot enjoy rivalry in good humor nor so spiritually aloof that they cannot admire physical prowess. Indeed, the Intaki are a people like any other, possessed of calm and energy, wisdom and foolishness, vigor and sloth in equal portions. And they appreciate sport.

Geography of Intaki Prime

intakiIntaki Prime is a jewel among planets. It is tropical and filled with diverse life forms. We have lived and grown on this planet for time beyond measure.

Economics of the Intaki People

OOC: The following market information and statistics are consistent with what is logically true about the Intaki Prime economy keeping in mind the scarcity of details available in CCP canon. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a clearer framework for roleplay.

The Intaki economy is largely based on two things: tourism and technological exports. The planet’s GDP per capita is comfortable, considering the cost of living there; however, it still faces a high inflation rate, lack of maintenance and new investment in infrastructure, a poverty rate estimated to be 16% to 24%, a 6.4% unemployment rate (111 est.), and a trade deficit of 5.2%. So while it is a wealthy country, it’s people do not always share in that wealth.

Ud’har: Frarie VII

frarieviiSystem/Region: Frarie/Placid
Colony Common Name: Frarie VII
Colony Local Name: Ud’har
Government Type: Hereditary monarchy (Jav’ri II, is the current sovereign)
Population: 200 million
Principal exports: Vaccines, biotech products, medical supplies and equipment

Sajha: Brarel II

brareliiSystem/Region: Brarel/Placid
Colony Common Name: Brarel II
Colony Local Name: Sajha
Government Type: Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Population: 75 million
Principal Exports: Crystalline Materials

Rohaanar: Frarie VI

frarieviSystem/Region: Frarie/Placid
Colony Common Name: Frarie VI
Colony Local Name: Rohaanar
Government Type: Theocracy
Population: 25,000
Principal exports: None

Maatrukaanan: Vey II

veyiiSystem/Region: Vey/Placid
Colony Common Name: Vey II
Colony Local Name: Maatrukaanan
Government Type: Communist collective
Population: 275 million
Principal exports: Luxury wood products, building materials

Lagaana: Annancale VII

annanviiSystem/Region: Annancale/Placid
Colony Common Name: Annancale VII
Colony Local Name: Lagaana
Government Type: Democratic
Population: 25 million
Principal exports: Petroleum products