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    Meet Our Team | Friendly, honorable, and dedicated capsuleers.
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Below is a complete listing of all articles about the members, structure, mission, and philosophies of ILF/IPI.

ILF Chain of Command

The Intaki Liberation Front has an established chain of command. This allows the corporation to maintain organization and the ranks within the chain provide structure. Ranks are Intaki in origin to promote and maintain our cultural heritage.

ILF Divisions: Sainika

sainika_oathSanika is the Intaki Liberation Front’s security division and is managed by the Isha-Sainika (Leader of Security). Sainika members are battle-honed warriors dedicated to the protection of the Intaki sovereignty. They stand together against a tide of crime and corruption by destroying Serpentis pirates and combating capsuleer outlaws.

ILF Divisions: Karna

Karna is the Intaki Liberation Front’s special forces division and is managed by the Isha-Karna (Leader of Special Forces). These individuals are elite pilots who specialize in making pirates’ lives miserable via sneaky ways. They complete special training which enables them to provide support via covert ops, reconnaissance, and EWAR.

ILF Divisions: Dravya

Dravya is the Intaki Liberation Front’s commerce division and is managed by the Isha-Dravya (Leader of Commerce). Its members are industrial-minded individuals who are primarily interested in expanding the economy of the Intaki sovereignty to ensure it flourishes.

Join Us

The Intaki Liberation Front has an open recruitment policy. There are only a few requirements for membership:

  1. ILF is not for alt-warehousing. Members are expected to be active and enthusiastic about contributing to corp mandates and projects.
  2. Members must understand and agree to adhere at all times to our corporation credo.

Intaki Liberation Front Credo

The Intaki Liberation Front is a roleplay corporation for players whose passion is to craft entertaining and meaningful stories which are interwoven with and supported or influenced by their in-game actions and activities.

We believe supporting the lore of EVE Online provides a much richer and more rewarding gameplay experience than just learning the game mechanics alone. We believe that Intaki culture, Intaki secession, and the struggle against piracy in Placid are the most interesting subjects the lore has to offer.

ILF Divisions: Nebyada

Nebyada is the Intaki Liberation Front’s infantry division and is managed by the Isha-Nebyada (Leader of Infantry). Nebyada members are clone soldiers who support ILF by fighting hostile groups on temperate planets.

This division is currently dormant. ILF eagerly awaits news regarding Project Nova.

Saxon Hawke

saxon_medBackground: Intaki – Artists
Date of Birth: July 18, YC67
Place of Birth: Poitot V – Moon 14 – Intaki Syndicate Bureau
Licensed: July 25, YC108

Saxon founded the Intaki Liberation Front on December 22, YC108 and was Suresha until June 19, YC115. He now acts as an adviser to ILF leadership.

About Us

The Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) is a CONCORD-recognized corporation headquartered in Intaki. ILF operates in low-security space but also in certain hisec systems in Placid. The corporation’s primary mission is to create a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty through anti-pirate combat and industrial operations taking place in space and on the ground. ILF is also the executor of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) alliance.

Meet Our Team

The Intaki Liberation Front has some of the most friendly, honorable, and dedicated capsuleers New Eden has to offer. Check out the profiles below to get to know us better!