Congratulations! You’ve found a corporation that can bring meaning to your pilot career. Stop the mindless ISK-chasing. Become a freedom fighter and hero!

Many Intaki Liberation Front pilots would say the greatest reward of membership is the satisfaction of defending the Intaki homeworld and working together toward achieving independence for the Intaki sovereignty. We also offer many tangible rewards:


  • Anti-Pirate Space Combat
    Fleet up with ILF, IPI, and allied pilots in the Intaki sovereignty for anti-pirate roams. Help keep the Intaki corridor clear of Serpentis and capsuleer pirates while honing your skills. We have a Discord server for voice comms.
  • Ship Replacement
    ILF provides replacement hulls for tech 1 frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, industrial ships, and mining barges lost by ILF pilots during combat or as the result of pirate attacks within the Intaki sovereignty.
  • Forum
    Share your adventures, discuss Intaki economy, history, and politics, track your progress and that of your fellow members, and more on our forum. Most sections are secured for member access only.
  • Free Jump Clones
    ILF pilots can create as many jump clones as they desire based on skill level. Cost of each clone is paid for by the corp if requested.
  • Free Skill Books
    ILF provides free skill books to all members. Up to 2,500,000 ISK worth of skill books can be claimed per pilot per week.
  • Serpentis Bounties and Clone Soldier Tags
    The low-security status of many systems in the Intaki sovereignty make them a haven for Serpentis pirates. These criminals often carry bounties of 1,000,000 ISK or higher. Serpentis ships carrying valuable clone soldier tags can also often be found.
  • Friendly and Open Atmosphere
    Despite our serious mission, ILF is a laid-back group primarily interested in having fun. ILF pilots pursue any legal activity that interests them, including anti-pirate combat, mission running, ice or mineral mining, exploration, research, manufacturing, and trade.
  • Group Ops
    Join (or schedule your own) corp, alliance, or allied operations, including mining, patrols, mission running, exploration, and more.
  • Killboard
    Post your killmails and comment on your fellow alliance members’ kills. View kill/loss stats, ship and weapons stats, and member combat awards.

Ready to carve your niche in the New Eden cluster? Join ILF today!