The creation of a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty is the primary mission of the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative.



Have you ever visited the beloved homeworld of the Intaki people? Most Intaki, even if they know where it is, have never seen their planet because it lies buried three jumps deep in low-security space in the Placid region.

Centuries ago at the formation of the Gallente Federation, the Intaki Assembly requested a minimal Federation Navy presence in the Intaki system. Unfortunately, the Assembly subsequently failed to create their own force to replace it so as a result, the Intaki system and most of its neighbors do not enjoy the protection of CONCORD and the area has become a haven for pirates. Intaki itself is rated at a security status of 0.1. Commerce, other than the Serpentis drug trade, is minimal. Additionally, over the years Intaki culture and tradition has been eroded thanks to Federation society subjugating and fracturing those it comes in contact with.

Action Plan

The time for waiting for outsiders to address the long-standing issues plaguing this area of space has come to an end. We seek to ensure all law-abiding residents of the Intaki sovereignty, regardless of ethnicity, are able to live in peace in a society free from oppression.

When our goals are met the stage will be set for peaceful secession of the Intaki sovereignty from the Gallente Federation. Our intent is for the Intaki sovereignty to govern itself independently of all New Eden empires while retaining trade relations. The area of operations our campaign applies to stretches over 50 systems.

We pursue our mission through:

  • political lobbying;
  • positive relationships with others;
  • anti-pirate combat; and
  • boosting the local economy via mining, manufacturing, and trade.

We stand against Serpentis, capsuleer, and ground-based pirates equally. We are not affiliated with the Intaki Syndicate.

We have many Caldari friends who sympathize with our cause. Nevertheless, our campaign for Intaki independence should not be misconstrued as a desire to join the Caldari State. We also have many Gallente friends who sympathize with our cause. We are not partisans bent on violent secession from the Gallente Federation.

To learn more, come to our public channel “FreeIntaki”, explore this portal further, or send a mail to anyone on our leadership team.

To those who have awakened to their destiny and are ready to defend and serve the Intaki people, join us!