The Intaki Liberation Front has some of the most friendly, honorable, and dedicated capsuleers New Eden has to offer. Check out the profiles below to get to know us better!

sakaane_medSakaane Eionell

Background: Intaki – Reborn
Date of Birth: February 3, YC83
Place of Birth: Intaki Prime (Intaki V)
Licensed: March 9, YC110

Sakaane joined ILF in YC112 and became Suresha on June 19, YC115.


Background: Intaki – Diplomats
Date of Birth: November 7, YC76
Place of Birth: Scolluzer (Undisclosed)
Licensed: June 25, YC111

Bataav joined ILF on March 9, YC112 and handles diplomatic matters for the corporation and alliance. On July 11, YC115 he was promoted to the position of Mahesha.

saxon_medSaxon Hawke

Background: Intaki – Artists
Date of Birth: July 18, YC67
Place of Birth: Poitot V – Moon 14 – Intaki Syndicate Bureau
Licensed: July 25, YC108

Saxon founded ILF on December 22, YC108 and was Suresha until June 19, YC115. He now acts as an adviser to ILF leadership. Read more …

erun_medErun Talan

Background: Intaki – Reborn
Date of Birth: January 14, YC92
Place of Birth: Eletta III
Licensed: August 21, YC110

Erun joined ILF on February 14, YC115. He contributes both as a manufacturer and as a combat pilot. On October 8, YC117, Erun was promoted to Isha-Dravya. Read more …

daniel_medDaniel Alpena

Background: Gallente – Immigrants
Date of Birth: July 7, YC83
Place of Birth: Jewel (Gallareue IV)
Licensed: July 7, YC113

Daniel joined ILF on January 14, YC114. An active combat pilot, he was promoted to Isha-Sainika on July 19, YC115. Read more …