sainika_oathSanika is the Intaki Liberation Front’s security division and is managed by the Isha-Sainika (Leader of Security). Sainika members are battle-honed warriors dedicated to the protection of the Intaki sovereignty. They stand together against a tide of crime and corruption by destroying Serpentis pirates and combating capsuleer outlaws.

Sainika’s first responsibility is to protect ILF, IPI, the Intaki homeworld, and the other core sovereignty systems. The core systems are home to sovereign Intaki colonies thus it is imperative that pirate activity is dealt with swiftly. All Sainika pilots are therefore expected to base from Intaki. The extended and peripheral sovereignty zones are Sainika’s second and third responsibility respectively. Improving security in these zones is an important and valuable goal which contributes to the overall health and eventual secession of the entire Intaki sovereignty.

The hisec systems of the Intaki sov are the lowest priority for Sainika due to the presence of CONCORD. However, the hisec island can be a good area to operate in for exploration and certain low- to mid-level agent mission running.


As a combat division, Sainika is primarily interested in making pirates’ lives miserable, whether they be baseliner rats or capsuleers. Aditipala pilots tend to engage in a fair amount of exploration.