The Intaki Liberation Front is a roleplay corporation for players whose passion is to craft entertaining and meaningful stories which are interwoven with and supported or influenced by their in-game actions and activities.

We believe supporting the lore of EVE Online provides a much richer and more rewarding gameplay experience than just learning the game mechanics alone. We believe that Intaki culture, Intaki secession, and the struggle against piracy in Placid are the most interesting subjects the lore has to offer.

For roleplay purposes, we also believe:

  • Intaki culture, language, and traditions must be preserved and safeguarded from erosion by outside influences.
  • The Intaki sovereignty should ultimately secede peacefully from the Gallente Federation and form an independent state that maintains trade relations with the empires.
  • Security and economy in the Intaki sovereignty must be improved. Pirates have no place here.
  • The use of drugs, synths, and boosters by capsuleers or baseliners is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of everyone.

We take it upon ourselves to get involved with corporation mandates and projects, thus helping to make ILF fun for everyone. We always try to do what is right, but how we do so may sometimes push the limits of the law or even generally ordered behavior. We prioritize what is best for Intaki, the Intaki Assembly, and the greater Intaki sovereignty over the desires of the empires.

When dealing with each other and with third parties, Liberators are encouraged to treat everyone with respect regardless of affiliation, race, or creed. In challenging situations, our goal is to look for a graceful resolution and set an example of dignity and friendship to all of New Eden. In suffering losses, we respond with good cheer and shed no tears. In this way, we aim to be recognized and respected by all across the cluster.

Characters are welcome to join us from any empire or bloodline. All Liberators are connected by the ideals behind our corporation credo, which encourages open communication, co-operation, helpfulness, and a generous spirit.

Specifically prohibited with your in-alliance character: piracy, ganking, scamming, and corp/alliance or other theft.

Are you a capsuleer interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!