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Monthly archives: June, 2011

Kapdan Assemblyman Moves Against Mordu’s Legion

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Kapdan Assemblyman Jirtal LeSoir, the Ostingele colony’s longest serving representative, announced today his plan to put forth a resolution calling for the immediate suspension of the Mordu’s Legion franchise for security services in the Intaki System.

LeSoir was among a vocal minority at the time the security contract was awarded to Mordu’s Legion and has continued to speak publicly against the decision. Today’s move, however, takes his opposition to a new level.

Vasumati Cleared of Corruption Charges

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Four months after his arrest on corruption charges, Tanvir Vasumati emerged from the Duureanta Primary Court building a free man.

Vasumati, the former chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, was visibly thin and pale, but smiled broadly.

“I knew all along I would be vindicated in court,” he said. “These allegations against me were false from the start. I look forward to getting on with my life.”

IPI Declares War On RIA

INTAKI PRIME – In a surprising move, the normally pacifist Intaki Prosperity Initiative has declared war against mercenary corp Risen Angels.

Suresha Saxon Hawke, leader of the Intaki separatist Intaki Liberation Front, said the war declaration was made in response to Risen Angels’ recent aggression against Federal Robotics.

“Federal Robotics in general, and its CEO Lilen enDama in particular, have proven in a short time to be dedicated trading partners for the IPI’s Intaki Trade Hub,” Hawke said. “This blatant act of terrorism goes well beyond the simple piracy we normally face in Viriette and we cannot in good conscience allow Federal Robotics to stand alone against this threat.”