It has been nearly a year now since Vorada Kuvakei, hero to the Intaki people and protector of the Placid region, was unjustly expelled from our space. In that time, those who signed the order to exile him have done nothing to continue to work he began.

Now, with war waging and violence reaching out across New Eden, the Serpentis are once again seeking to profit by distributing dangerous and illicit drugs throughout the Placid region.

While on patrol recently, I encountered a large Serpentis convoy in Intaki. I was unable to take the ships by myself and had to fall back for repairs. Upon my return, the convoy had fled.

If this message reaches Vorada, I implore you to return to your people. In the meantime, I and the Intaki Liberation Front encourage all Intaki pilots loyal to their homeland to join us in keeping the system clear of Serpentis scum.