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Tag: saxon hawke

Suresha Hawke Found

It is with good news that I report Saxon Hawke has been rescued from a highly enforced Serpentis prison station.

After finding Saxon Hawke in a cell awaiting lethal injection by narcotics, I was able to remove him and get him to a less reinforced area of the station. It was there I was able to do an on-the-fly repair to his pod integration implant and get him in a pod system. He was then able to jump clone back into Intaki space. After I had verified Saxon had successfully made the jump, in order to protect any information they might be able to pull out of the emptied, I destroyed the old clone.

Saxon Hawke Survives Blast, Falls into Enemy Hands

An image of a beaten Suresha Hawke taken from video footage.The Eve Observer has received confirmation that, for the time being, missing Intaki Liberation Front CEO Saxon Hawke is alive and did survive an explosion that destroyed his home three weeks ago.

This reporter received an unmarked package containing a time-stamped video and a sample of genetic material that was an exact DNA match to Saxon Hawke. In the short video Mr. Hawke makes the following statement:

Suresha Saxon Hawke Missing

Saxon Hawke’s estate.The estate of Saxon Hawke, the founder and Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, was destroyed by a powerful explosion in the town of Mehru, Intaki Prime, in the early morning of December 22, YC111. The extreme radiation contamination is preventing the identification of the five bodies found. According to anonymous local informants the investigation is no longer being handled by the local police. In addition to the private residence, the Intaki Cultural Preservation Center operated by the ILF was demolished in the blast.

ILF Leader Missing, Possibly Killed

MEHRU, INTAKI PRIME – Two weeks since a massive explosion destroyed a residential estate in Mehru’s wealthy Dhanvaan neighborhood there remain far more questions than answers.

It has been confirmed that the estate was one of the known residences of Saxon Hawke, a capsuleer and political dissident who founded the Intaki Liberation Front. The explosion destroyed Mr. Hawke’s home as well as the Intaki Cultural Preservation Center which was also located on the five-acre estate.