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Tag: sansha incursions

Blast Kills Two at Kapdan Embassy

INTAKI PRIME – An explosion this afternoon killed two and forced the evacuation of the Kapdan embassy on Intaki Prime. A group calling themselves “The Sons of Sansha” has claimed responsibility for the blast.

Initial reports say that just after noon local time a package arrived at the Kapdan embassy. A short time later a device concealed inside detonated, killing two people and injuring a dozen more. The bomb caused significant damage to the embassy and all personnel were evacuated.

Anti-Sansha Violence Reported

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Tensions between Sansha Kuvakei’s followers and the general population have been simmering on this colony, located on the seventh planet of the Ostingele system since Nation vessels “uplifted” all two million people at the Ostingele IV terraforming colony last year.

However, in the days following the leak of a classified report on the abductions, that tension has reached a boiling point and a number of violent clashes have been reported.

Leaked Report Sheds Light on Sansha Incursions

INTAKI PRIME – Part of a classified report leaked from an Intaki Assembly subcommittee would seem to refute claims by supporters of Sansha Kuvakei that the millions of people “uplifted” across New Eden had left their homes of their own free will.

The leaked document is part of a report summary, but exactly which subcommittee prepared it is not clear. The report deals with the Sansha incursion at the Ostingele II terraforming colony. Little information about the attack has been released to the public other than all 2 million people at the colony were “uplifted.”