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Tag: kendu kanarma

Singh Leads Cannons to Championship

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Proving himself to be as potent on the sidelines as on the pitch, first-year coach and former all-star player Saavin Singh lead the Kapda Cannons to their first Kendu Kanarma title with a thrilling victory of the Sajha Mavericks last night.

The Cannons, perennial underdogs in the league, had been suffering particularly badly in recent years, but energized their franchise this season with the hiring of Singh as their head coach. Singh was a member of six championship teams during his 10-year career with the Intaki Interceptors and still holds the team’s all-time scoring record.

Lightning Avenge Earlier Loss

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – With half of this year’s matches now over, the Kapda Cannons have proven that they are the team to beat. Last night, the Ud’har Lightning did just that, avenging a loss to the Cannons last month.

After starting their season with a 2 and 2 record, the Cannons went on a winning streak, improving to 6 and 2 before being shut out at home. Coach Saavin Singh took the defeat in stride.

Cannons Blast Interceptors

INTAKI PRIME – Kendu Kanarma fans were stunned this week by the upset victory of the Kapda Cannons over the reigning champion Intaki Interceptors. The Cannons, coached this year by former all-star player Saavin Singh, scored early in the first season and never let up.

Trailing 2 to 1 at the close of the third frame, the Interceptors tried to mount a Payas rally, but couldn’t overcome the Cannons’ defense. The match ended with a 4-2 score, the first time this year that anyone had scored more than 3 points against the Interceptors.