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ILF Recruitment Is Open!

It’s a new year! In celebration of YC118 and looking ahead to new adventures, the Intaki Liberation Front has adopted a new recruitment process!

Whether you are a capsuleer or a clone soldier, joining ILF can now be done in three easy steps: read our new corporation credo, complete our credo acceptance form, and then submit your application to ILF via your neocom. After your details are received and you pass the applicable security checks, you will be welcomed as a new Liberator!

Our new process has been developed with the kind assistance of Mynxee from Signal Cartel. Thank you!

Announcement: Isha-Dravya

INTAKI PRIME – The Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) announced today the promotion of Erun Talan to the position of Isha-Dravya.

Isha-Dravya is the ILF’s “Leader of Commerce”. In this role, Erun will oversee the Dravya division and be responsible for all members of the corporation’s Pankaja and Vidya wings. He now reports directly to the Mahesha and the Suresha.

The position has been vacant since Apollonius Verus retired (as Isha-Silpa, or “Leader of Non-Combat Operations”) in July of YC114.

Spotlight on Intaki: TLC Interview

This past March at the SOCT Symposium on Emergent Threats, ILF’s Mahesha, Bataav, was interviewed by the folks over at The Learning Cliff about the Vaanin k’Intaki as well as our fair corporation.

The Learning Cliff is publication aimed at discovering what New Eden has to offer through the eyes of a fresh capsuleer.

We’re pleased to see the interview was posted on Learning Cliff’s April 28 release here. The entire episode is well worth the listen; Bataav’s segment begins at the 00:37:00 mark.

Many thanks to The Learning Cliff for this opportunity!

ILF Celebrates Eight Years

Today was the Intaki Liberation Front’s eighth anniversary.

A lot can happen to a corporation in eight years—and ILF is no exception—but our goals remain the same today as they were in YC108: campaign for Intaki independence, fight against piracy, and improve the local economy. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to remain true to objectives like these. Ultimately, I think we have been able to maintain these missions for so long because at their heart they have one thing in common: the desire to improve the lives of the baseline and capsuleer populations in the Intaki sovereignty. We’re here to help others.

Announcing ILF’s New Logo

To Our Valued Allies and Friends:

Recently, the Intaki Liberation Front initiated a brand audit. One of the key findings to emerge was that our corporation logo did not adequately reflect who we are today – leaders in promoting a free and independent Intaki sovereignty that preserves and celebrates Intaki culture, with a reputation for resiliency, dedication, and goodwill.

With this in mind, we embarked on updating our image. I am pleased to unveil the Intaki Liberation Front’s new logo:

Galnet Portal Update

I am excited to bring two announcements to you today.

First, this evening the Intaki Liberation Front has rolled out a new corporation logo. This rebrand has been done to give our corporation a more recognizable and meaningful identity. The new logo contains symbolism representative of our roleplay, and “Intaki red” and gold (with black) are now the official corp colors.

IPI to Revise Political Stance After Tumultuous Year

INTAKI PRIME – Following a year of highs and lows, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) and its executor corp, the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF), are in the process of enacting new policies to clarify and strengthen operations in YC115, including what may be a controversial revision to IPI’s public stance on the pursuit of independence.

Through the first and second quarters of YC114, IPI pilots participated in over thirty combat and industrial operations within what they refer to as the “Intaki sovereignty”, a grouping of systems in the Placid region with Intaki at its core. “These activities were well-attended by member pilots and guests, which was encouraging,” said IPI diplomat Bataav en Gravonere. “This year we plan to return to that level of operation and make the most of recent ship specification changes.”

Happy Sixth Anniversary ILF!

Namas Liberators!

Today we celebrate the Intaki Liberation Front’s sixth anniversary. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the health and success of the corporation in the last year. We would not have come this far without each of you. May we see many more anniversaries yet!

YC114 has been a year of change and challenges for us, but also activity!

Introducing the new IPI and ILF Galnet Portal


I’m happy to reveal our newly-redesigned Galnet portal. This latest design is quite a bit slicker than its predecessor! If you are having any trouble viewing the updated site, you may need to clear your cache.

Be sure to peruse the spiffy new gallery on the homepage. The thumbnails rotate randomly every few seconds, but you can also view each image sequentially after clicking on a picture.

Violence Ignites Intaki, Provoking Cross-Militia Cooperation

INTAKI PRIME – The system of Intaki was recently set alight by capsuleer combat, following an attack on a local station.

At roughly 1900 hours EST, Prosperity Station, a structure maintained by the Intaki Liberation Front for the purposes of space vessel production, came under fire from pilots of the Payment on Demand alliance. The attackers incapacitated the majority of the structure’s defensive capabilities, and with only five vessels reduced it to its final countermeasures. For eight hours, the sparse members of ILF in system struggled to repair Prosperity Station, losing a logistics ship in the process.