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Tag: colony news

Vasumati Cleared of Corruption Charges

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Four months after his arrest on corruption charges, Tanvir Vasumati emerged from the Duureanta Primary Court building a free man.

Vasumati, the former chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, was visibly thin and pale, but smiled broadly.

“I knew all along I would be vindicated in court,” he said. “These allegations against me were false from the start. I look forward to getting on with my life.”

Medusa PMC Opens Fire on Seven Gang, Catches Flak From Colony Officials

DAMANIER COLONY, INTAKI PRIME – The Medusa PMC made another strike against the criminal underworld of Intaki on March 20, and in so doing caused uproar in the colony between thankful citizens and concerned administrators.

The PMC, which made press headlines not long ago after destroying a Seven Gang outpost, have since harried and dogged the breakaway criminals in multiple locations, primarily the settlements closest to the equator. Unlike the polar centers of industry and commerce, the nearly lifeless equator of Intaki Prime lends itself to unfavorable social tension.

Medicinal Plant Compound Synthesized

UD’HAR (FRARIE VII) – Gridharan Medical Research announced today that its scientists have successfully synthesized the medicinal compounds found naturally in the rare jintaalan blossom. Company officials say the breakthrough opens the doors on a whole new era of pharmaceutical development. “This is a great day in scientific achievement,” said Dr. Yarri Arasaratnam, director of Gridharan Medical Research’s newly reconstructed facility. “Our researchers continue to push the very cutting of knowledge.”

New PMC Combats Crime on Intaki, Seven Gang on the Run

CENTE COLONY, INTAKI PRIME – For the first time since the failed anti-booster initiative of late YC112, the planetary law enforcement agencies of Intaki Prime have been given room to breathe following the arrival of a new private military company.

Cente Colony, often considered among the worst slums on Intaki Prime, has for years suffered the same common symptoms of the settlements nearest the equator: lack of housing and workable land, poverty, and lack of social resources. This environment has spawned—as is the case in many such colonies—a rampant criminal element. With a bleak future, many young residents turn to local gangs for support, their faith in their society diminished and their odds of productive lives slim.

Capsuleer Corporation Claims Responsibility for Refinery Blast

INTAKI PRIME – A week after an explosion destroyed a deep space refinery in the Conomette System, a group has stepped forward to claim responsibility.

Initial reports on the matter indicated the explosion was most likely accidental; the result of polygypsum contamination in an arkonor ore shipment. There was some speculation, however, that the blast was a work of sabotage.

Narcotics Corruption Uncovered on Duureanta

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Residents of this colony in the Harroule System remain in shock this morning following reports that Tanvir Vasumati, chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, was arrested on corruption charges over the weekend.

Vasumati has been a leading figure in the colony’s effort to locate and eliminate illegal khuska oil refining operations. He made headlines late last year when his task force seized more than a million kilograms of illegally produced pharmaceutical-grade khuska oil.

Singh Leads Cannons to Championship

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Proving himself to be as potent on the sidelines as on the pitch, first-year coach and former all-star player Saavin Singh lead the Kapda Cannons to their first Kendu Kanarma title with a thrilling victory of the Sajha Mavericks last night.

The Cannons, perennial underdogs in the league, had been suffering particularly badly in recent years, but energized their franchise this season with the hiring of Singh as their head coach. Singh was a member of six championship teams during his 10-year career with the Intaki Interceptors and still holds the team’s all-time scoring record.

Blast Kills Two at Kapdan Embassy

INTAKI PRIME – An explosion this afternoon killed two and forced the evacuation of the Kapdan embassy on Intaki Prime. A group calling themselves “The Sons of Sansha” has claimed responsibility for the blast.

Initial reports say that just after noon local time a package arrived at the Kapdan embassy. A short time later a device concealed inside detonated, killing two people and injuring a dozen more. The bomb caused significant damage to the embassy and all personnel were evacuated.

Anti-Sansha Violence Reported

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Tensions between Sansha Kuvakei’s followers and the general population have been simmering on this colony, located on the seventh planet of the Ostingele system since Nation vessels “uplifted” all two million people at the Ostingele IV terraforming colony last year.

However, in the days following the leak of a classified report on the abductions, that tension has reached a boiling point and a number of violent clashes have been reported.

Leaked Report Sheds Light on Sansha Incursions

INTAKI PRIME – Part of a classified report leaked from an Intaki Assembly subcommittee would seem to refute claims by supporters of Sansha Kuvakei that the millions of people “uplifted” across New Eden had left their homes of their own free will.

The leaked document is part of a report summary, but exactly which subcommittee prepared it is not clear. The report deals with the Sansha incursion at the Ostingele II terraforming colony. Little information about the attack has been released to the public other than all 2 million people at the colony were “uplifted.”