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Tag: colony news

Kapda Making Plans for Federation Day

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – While capsuleers will be celebrating Federation Day in space in the Dodixie System, Kapdan Assemblyman Jirtal LeSoir is inviting baseliners to his colony for the event.

“The Intaki are a vibrant part of the Federation and we are happy to play host for the celebration of Federation Day,” LeSoir said in a press conference. “Kapda’s location adjacent to Stacmon makes it the ideal choice of locations within the Intaki Sovereignty.”

According to information distributed during the press conference, the day’s activities include a pageant of fashions from throughout the Federation. Meals at a number of locations will highlight Intaki cuisine while offering natives the chance to sample dishes from the Gallente and Jin-Mei.

Children from local schools are preparing reenactments of the Gallente-Intaki first contact and the signing of the pact creating the Federation. The events will be shown live several times throughout the day and holobroadcast for those unable to attend.

“There are those who would see the Federation divided by its differences,” LeSoir said. “But it is the blending of our varied cultures that gives the Federation its strength. We are people of various histories forged together for a common future.”

Shortly after the press conference, a number of media outlets received a video denouncing the Kapdan event. The video showed a figure cast in shadow with a digitally distorted voice.

Speaking in Intaki, the figure said, “Federation Day is a ploy by the Gallente to continue to deceive the Intaki people into believing that their needs are cared for. The fact that this celebration has to be held a single jump away from Stacmon proves this. Why not hold the event on Intaki Prime? Because Traitor LeSoir knows that it is not safe to make the passage. His so-called celebration is an affront to the Intaki people and a mockery of the hardships they face due to Gallente neglect. As a member of the Intaki Assembly, Traitor LeSoir is inept at best and contemptible at worst.”

Although inquiries were made by the Eve Observer, none of the known Intaki Separatist groups claims to have created the video.

Secessionist Leaflets Found During Narcotics Raid

VAASHNAPOOR, DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Acting on an anonymous tip, authorities on the Duureanta colony on Harroule IV conducted a night-time raid on a warehouse facility. Expecting to find illicit narcotics, investigators were surprised when the seized crates contained thousands of leaflets featuring anti-Federation and pro-separatist propaganda.

Ud’har Royal Family Confirms Birth of Future Queen

UD’HAR (FRARIE VII) – The Ud’har royal family confirmed today the birth of a daughter to Neechemantra Shekhar and his wife Aurelie. The girl, named Farishta, is the first child for the couple and becomes second in line for the throne of the Ud’har colony after her father.

ILF Condemns Separatist Bombing

INTAKI PRIME – The Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) released a statement today condemning the recent bombing of a Federal Freight cargo port located on the Intaki colony of Kapda, more commonly known as Ostingele VII.

Suresha Sakaane Eionell called the bombing “a cowardly terrorist act”.

Ishukone Expresses Anger at Caldari Provincial Directorate

Ground Fighting Erupts on Intaki Homeworld

MALKALEN – Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola has launched a public attack against the administration of State Executor Tibus Heth for allowing ground fighting to erupt on the homeworld of the Intaki, a major Federation member. Previously the only world in the contestable regions to have been completely excluded from planetside fighting, clashes between Federation and Caldari forces have erupted with absolutely no signs of abating.

Maatrukaanan Fire Extinguished, Arson Suspected

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – After more than a week of activity, firefighters working on the Intaki colony on Vey II are reporting that with the exception of a few “hot spots” the wildfire that tore through nearly a half-million square kilometers of old growth forest is now extinguished.

While the news was welcome to many on the forest world who make their living in the timber industry, the discovery of burnt fuel canisters in the area where the fire is believed to have started is deeply troubling.

Dubaanans Vote Against Citizenship for Non-Unionists

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – With a decisive majority, the voters of the aquatic colony on Agoze V voted yesterday to continue their centuries-old custom of granting full citizenship only to members of a union.

Debate surrounding the proposal to grant citizenship rights to non-union employees of capsuleer extraction facilities had been contentious and, prior to the vote, many believed the results of the election would be close.

Fire Threatens Maatrukaanan Forest, Homes

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – Despite the best efforts to control it, a wildfire on the arboreal world of Vey II threatens to destroy thousands of square kilometers of old growth forest.

“Fire is a part of the life cycle of the forest,” said Jannick en Liddel, a leading Maatrukaanan arboriculturist. “But a fire of this magnitude could have ramifications for generations.”

Union-less Citizenship Vote Nears on Dubaana

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – In the year since capsuleers began to interact with planetary populations through their massive resource extraction centers, life has changed dramatically for the inhabitants of this oceanic colony.

Prior to the start of capsuleer planetary interaction, the Union Council had been sole governing authority for the fifth planet in the Agoze system. The Council, comprised of representatives elected by the colony’s various labor unions, ruled the colony since LaSalle Submarine Extractions ceded control of its underwater operations centuries ago.

Kapdan Assemblyman Moves Against Mordu’s Legion

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Kapdan Assemblyman Jirtal LeSoir, the Ostingele colony’s longest serving representative, announced today his plan to put forth a resolution calling for the immediate suspension of the Mordu’s Legion franchise for security services in the Intaki System.

LeSoir was among a vocal minority at the time the security contract was awarded to Mordu’s Legion and has continued to speak publicly against the decision. Today’s move, however, takes his opposition to a new level.