It is a sad reality that many of the Intaki race have never laid eyes upon their ancestral homeworld. Today, the Intaki Liberation Front is taking steps to address this issue.

“Being born in Syndicate space, I too grew up without a clear vision of the beauty that is Intaki,” said Saxon Hawke, Suresha of ILF. “Wanting to see if she could truly live up to the stories my grandfather had told me, I made the journey days after obtaining my pilot’s license. Moments after I discovered that his remembrances scarcely did her justice, I awoke in a clone vat.”

Many pilgrims meet with a similar fate at the hands of the pirates and factionalists who overrun Intaki and its neighboring systems. It was Apollonius Verus, a recent addition to the ILF, who came up with a safe alternative.

“After some arm-twisting, the station manager at the Astral Mining Refinery at Intaki V – Moon 5 allowed me to rig a webcam to the outside of one of the station’s comm towers,” Verus said. “The camera is aimed directly at Intaki V, our beloved Intaki homeworld.”

Verus said he was motivated by a desire to help the thousands of Intaki dispersed throughout New Eden who have never seen their beautiful homeworld. He is hopeful that finally doing so, may awaken something in these Intaki.

“It may be that for many a glimpse of their homeworld would ignite their curiosity and stir the fires of patriotism,” Verus said.

To view the video feed, direct your interface to the ILF’s homepage.