It is with good news that I report Saxon Hawke has been rescued from a highly enforced Serpentis prison station.

After finding Saxon Hawke in a cell awaiting lethal injection by narcotics, I was able to remove him and get him to a less reinforced area of the station. It was there I was able to do an on-the-fly repair to his pod integration implant and get him in a pod system. He was then able to jump clone back into Intaki space. After I had verified Saxon had successfully made the jump, in order to protect any information they might be able to pull out of the emptied, I destroyed the old clone.

On my journey into Serpentis space to find Saxon, I had found several other prison stations. I was able to rescue those who were still alive…but what I found in those stations, was sick beyond belief. Any prisoner who did not survive the torture and narcotic experiments were used as counterweights in the stations anti-gravity environment. I saw things happen that made me sick and want to do things that would break every moral fiber in my body. Children, mothers, POWs, they were all used in experiments to enhance their narcotic drugs, just so they could sell.

Beyond that, even business adventurers would be detained and used. I found a Caldari Blackbird docked in one station and thought to myself, this shouldn’t be here. I found in the station a Caldari ship captain who came to Serpentis space to open up a potential business proposition with them. Instead, they took his money and turned him into a testing subject. I was able to free him, but in his intoxicated state, he threatened to sue me, accusing me of the crimes. (He is now being cared for at a proper medical facility. His C.O. had thanked me for keeping him alive, considering how difficult he was to handle during rescue.)

I rescued thirty-eight prisoners. Twenty-two of them were Syndicate Intaki; ten were homeworld Intaki; two Amarr miner; three Caldari explorers; and one Minmatar explorer. There were fewer Amarr, Caldari and Matari because Serpentis space is a bit farther from home then they are. The Minmatar explorer actually joked, “There’s only one of me to rescue. Most of my people would rather die than become another slave. I stayed alive because I had hope.”

The twenty-two Syndicate were mainly women and children. The Intaki homeworlders said they were the remaining crew of a rescue ship that left Intaki a year ago to rescue their Syndicate cousins but were captured in the attempt.

One of the Amarr miners said he had been a prisoner for about three years. He said he had seen his captors bring in over four hundred people during his time. Most of them were harmless people: many were aid workers from the empires. He stated, “These Serps have an intense desire to maim aid workers. Their passive nature made them helpless to defend themselves. The Serps got a ‘high’ from causing them more pain than anybody else. The pain they suffered, and the drugs they were forced to deal with, most of them only survived a week, and the entire time, nothing but agony. It has to be the worst way to die.”

Of the thirty-eight people I rescued, only one was prisoner for aggressive reasons: a Caldari explorer who was the next in command of his ship was aggressive because he viewed his capture as his fault. His captain was killed in his ship’s initial attack, and he blames himself for not acting fast enough to save his crew.

All thirty-eight were given proper medical care when we arrived in safe space. Families have been notified. I hope CONCORD gets word of their condition. All four of the empire races had victims in this situation.

In summary, Saxon is safe. He is recovering from his ordeal and is catching up on ILF’s activities for the last three weeks. I was able to get in and out without one enemy ship even seeing me.

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