Today we remember a community lost.

We remember those who woke from their beds but would not return to them. We remember those who tended their crops but would not reap them. We remember those who had dreams and aspirations but would not achieve them.

The events of ten years ago today saw a peaceful Intaki colony wiped out during the planet-wide devastation on Reschard V.

But we also remember those who came to the survivors’ aid.

We remember the efforts of the first aid convoys and their escorts, and we remember the price they paid. And we remember that they did not give up in the face of aggression and piracy.

We remember that they came back for those Intaki survivors, that they tried again and they succeeded.

There are some alive today thanks to their actions.

Those acts of bravery and goodwill continue to influence a range of positive initiatives and projects today. We can only hope that these efforts do justice to the the legacy left by those who helped in Reschard.