Saxon Hawke, Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, announced today a new alliance has been formed to further the goals of stability and prosperity in the Intaki system and surrounding areas.

The Star League will include not only ILF, but also Tedric Enterprises, Kenshao Industries and Intaki Armaments.

“Although a compromise, the formation of this alliance is a great thing for the Intaki people,” Hawke said. “Each of these corps brings valuable assets, skills and ideas to the table and their respective CEOs have pledged their support to bringing about safety and prosperity for the Intaki system.”

In joining the Star League, the Intaki Liberation Front has set aside its immediate call for an independent Intaki state. Hawke was adamant, however, that the matter of Intaki self-rule was very much still a goal of ILF.

“In my efforts to secure a peaceful dissolution from the Gallente Federation, I have been unable to find any senator willing to speak with me,” he said. “Additionally, the Gallente courts are completely unwilling to take up the matter.”

Hawke explained that without a peaceful means of gradually returning control of the Intaki system to its own citizens, the only recourse would be violent revolution.

“I have never been a proponent of violence against the Federation or its people,” Hawke said. “Should pro-Intaki forces take arms against the Federation Navy, it would certainly mean Intaki killing Intaki and I cannot fathom anything more distasteful.”

Additionally, Hawke acknowledged that the even the combined forces of the Star League would not be adequate at this time to serve as the full navy and police of the Intaki system.

“I have not given up on the dual dreams of Intaki self-rule and self-determination,” Hawke said. “But I also realize that those goals are not attainable today. It is the work the Star League does now that will pave the way for the day when we will have a truly free Intaki.”

The charter approved and adopted by the founding members of The Star League reads as follows:


Whereas in the course of events it has become apparent that the Gallente Federation and CONCORD are unable to effectively protect the Intaki system and its adjoining systems, and

Whereas the task of providing such protection is better provided for by a coalition of Corporations, and

Whereas there is a desire and need for the citizens of the Intaki system and its adjoining systems to be protected,

The Star League is hereby formed to champion the rights of the Intaki people.

Article I: Membership

Section 1: Any Corporation legally recognized by the governing body of CONCORD may petition for membership in The Star League.

Section 2: After such petition is made, The Star League Council will convene at its earliest availability to consider the request. The petition will be accepted with the affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of those councilors present at the time of the vote.

Section 3: Upon approval by the council and deposit of $500 million ISK with The Star League Chief of Staff, the corporation will be granted full member status. This deposit is fully refundable one month after a notice to leave the alliance is given. It will be used to generate an income to cover all monthly fees and pay interest to each corporation of $20 million per month.

Article II: Leadership

Section 1: Supreme leadership of The Star League shall be vested in Saxon Hawke, who will serve as Honorary President for life. The president has sole authority to overrule by veto any decision of The Star League Council. The president will be assisted by a staff of advisors of his choosing as well as by Marcus Tedric, Alliance Executor/Chief of Staff.

Section 2: Each Star League member corporation will choose in their own manner one of their own to represent them on The Star League Council. Unless otherwise noted in this Charter, votes of the council will require a simple majority for passage with each councilor having one vote.

Section 3: The council shall, on the first day of each new year, elect from among its members a speaker who will present the results of senate votes to the president.

Article III: Goals

Section 1: The primary goal of The Star League will be to create a safe environment for travel and trade in the Intaki system. This will be accomplished through anti-pirate operations in and near the system.

Section 2: To increase the knowledge, skills and wealth of Star League pilots, regular exploratory, mining and mission running operations will also be organized, to train for and fund achieving the primary goal.

Section 3: To provide for mutual defense against action aimed at The Star League.