The Intaki Liberation Front took action today to launch what it hopes will be an ongoing effort to bring additional stability and prosperity to the Intaki system.

After the matter had been discussed internally for some time, ILF’s Suresha, Saxon Hawke, used the Intergalactic Summit as a forum to bring his message of peace to capsuleer corporations throughout the galaxy.

“For several months now, a group of like-minded corps operating in Intaki have given each other positive standings, resulting in those pilots appearing ‘blue’ in each other’s on-board displays,” Hawke said. “The effort has come to be known as Blue Intaki.”

Borrowing its name from this effort, The Blue Intaki Accord calls on corporations to pledge to fly in support of each other and in defense of Intaki. In its entirety it reads:

Whereas the inhabitants of the Intaki system have a right to exist in peace without molestation by foreign invaders and
Whereas the Gallente Federation has ignored repeated pleas for naval support and
Whereas CONCORD has refused to redesignate the system’s security status and supply adequate policing vessels and
Whereas like-minded corporations can band together to bring about positive change
We the undersigned do pledge our resources to bring security and prosperity to the Intaki system and all who would dwell peacefully there.

Hawke invites all corps with a peaceful interest in the Intaki system to sign the accord on the Intergalactic Summit.

“The Blue Intaki movement has proven that our goal of peace and prosperity is attainable,” Hawke said. “The more corporations that join us, the faster it will come to be.”