In recent weeks, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative has been engaged in an internal review of many of our policies.

We remain committed to peace, economic development, and prosperity for citizens of the Intaki sovereignty. In pursuit of these goals we will also continue to combat capsuleer and Serpentis pirates who choose to enter our area of operations.

Effective December 4, YC114, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative has adopted new Rules of Engagement which align with CONCORD’s revised Crimewatch protocols.

This updated ROE maintains our existing modified “Not Red, Don’t Shoot” philosophy. Peaceful, law-abiding pilots entering the Intaki sovereignty are welcomed and have nothing to fear from our people. However, pilots exhibiting aggressive behavior or any who can be identified as pirates via publicly-accessible information may be engaged by IPI as if they are red according to the terms specified in our ROE.

The new Rules of Engagement are posted here.