The Placid region became home today to the Intaki Liberation Front, a corporation dedicated to the creation of an independent and free Intaki state in the region.

Corporation CEO Saxon Hawke said ILF, currently headquartered in the Stacmon system, is dedicated to reaching this goal in a nonviolent manner and will explore every avenue before abandoning this course.

“We believe the Federation has had its time in this part of the universe,” he said. “The Intaki people and all citizens of this region have a right to a responsive and responsible government.” ILF is proposing an incremental withdrawal of the Federation government to begin immediately.

“As we begin to bring stability and prosperity to the Placid region we ask that the Federation respect the Intaki’s people’s inalienable right to self-determination,” Mr. Hawke said. “More specifically, we call upon the Federation to relinquish control of the Intaki and Stacmon systems immediately and enter discussions to determine which additional systems should be included in the free Intaki state.”

To fill the void left by the departure of the Federation government, ILF is calling on all active Intaki separatist corporations to form an alliance and elect a provisional government. “For too long we Intaki freedom fighters have been at odds with each other,” Mr. Hawke said. “If we are to ever be free, we must band together now and establish a unified government to lead the Intaki people.”

Levi Saul, ILF’s chief recruiting officer, said his immediate mission is to comb the galaxy looking for skilled Intaki to repatriate to the Placid region.

“Our people are known throughout space for their courage, integrity and intelligence,” he said. “While this is a source of pride, it means our best and brightest minds have often been called far away from the region by outside interests. We want to invite them to bring their skills and knowledge home.”

Looking beyond the immediate goal of self-determination, Hawke said ILF is also concerned with preserving the traditions of Intaki culture.

“For many of my generation, the concepts of traditional Intaki art and literature are nearly foreign,” he said. “If it is to truly mean something to be Intaki, we must teach our young people their cultural identity.”

To this end, ILF has recruited Jyotmimana Karana. A member of the reborn, Karana was trained in this life as an engineer. However, he has recently returned the region to devote himself to the study and teaching of Intaki art, history and philosophy.

“I am most humbled at this honorable position and look anxiously to sharing my cultural discoveries with my Intaki brethren,” Mr. Karana said.

Are you a capsuleer or clone soldier interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!