On the morning of June 10, a fleet comprised of Intaki Prosperity Initiative pilots set out to take down a starbase belonging to AOM.

Contrary to AOM’s public Galnet portal, which claims it is a friendly company for miners, AOM pilots have been observed operating aggressively within the Intaki sov, including indiscriminately attacking members of a variety of local capsuleer groups.

Their starbase was a small, undefended tower. Despite its unassuming nature, reports indicated AOM was using the facility as a military staging point within the system.

IPI was later joined by Ida Covenant and Intaki Security and Intelligence pilots to finish off the tower.

02Over the course of the operation a few skirmishes took place between AOM and the allied fleet. AOM lost a Drake to the Intaki Liberation Front while gaining a kill against KISEC. IPI sustained no losses.

AOM pilots are still present in the Intaki sov. IPI is continuing to monitor the situation.

The Intaki Prosperity Initiative gratefully acknowledges and thanks its pilots and allies for their cooperation and contribution to improving Intaki security.