Namas Tayam. Greetings all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked by IPI President Eionell to make a formal statement following the disgraceful attacks by Provist elements within the State military against Ishukone assets on the Intaki homeworld.

Two days ago the IPI offered our support to our allies in I-RED but I want to draw attention to those brave soldiers and pilots who have been instrumental in defending Intaki interests from what is clearly a partisan assault from within a rapidly destabilizing State.

Mordu’s Legion’s actions on the homeworld have been instrumental in saving Intaki lives and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative is eternally grateful.

In recognition of the Legion’s effectiveness in Intaki, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative intends to petition the Intaki Assembly to instate them on a permanent basis in the system complete with station in orbit above one of the planets.

Of course, we recognize and acknowledge the challenges that face a construction project of this scale and so suggest an alternative.

For years there have been those in the Federation who deride and lampoon the threats that face Intaki, Viriette and Placid, in part due to the decisions of past generations, made when the Federation was still in its infancy and New Eden was a very different place. They challenge Intaki to defend itself. There have been calls for Intaki to be abandoned to its fate, forgotten and ignored.

The IPI therefore challenges the FDU to make good on its word. Turn your backs if you will.

We call upon the Federation military to reassign all personnel from the FDU station in orbit above Intaki II to alternative theaters. Transfer full administrative and military control of the facility to Mordu’s Legion Command which already operates with a full mandate from the Intaki Assembly.

With this infrastructure in place, the effectiveness of Mordu’s Legion in Intaki can only increase further, offering greater security for an important star system elements of the FDU apparently have little time for.

The IPI will therefore be contacting the FDU directly to lodge our request officially and in writing. We trust they will make the correct decision and make way for Mordu’s Legion as the legitimate and authorized security organization in Intaki. We shall also reach out to the Legion itself, reinforcing our support for their efforts and establishing a formal dialogue between our two organizations.

Dyanvada. Thank you.