Suresha Saxon Hawke, president of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative [IPI] alliance, announced today that his organization has joined the NRDS Coalition, an anti-piracy group with members spanning New Eden.

The NRDS Coalition takes its name from the practice commonly known as “Not Red – Don’t Shoot” referring to the capsuleer system of flagging pilots known to be hostile enemies with a red indicator. It is the polar opposite of the NBSI or “Not Blue – Shoot It” policy where pilots freely aggress all pilots who are not specifically tagged with a blue “friendly” indicator.

Hawke said his corporation, the separatist Intaki Liberation Front, has long flown under an NRDS policy.

“The coalition’s goals are very compatible with our own and we are happy to lend the group our support and endorsement,” he said.

Codo Yagari of the Yulai Guard, one of the coalition’s founding members, explained the group’s philosophy and origin.

“With the latest developments in New Eden I got this thought that one of the reasons why NRDS is struggling against piracy and NBSI, is because the different NRDS groups are not working together,” he said. “With piracy and NBSI being the obvious strong force in New Eden, spreading its policy of decay and cold ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality, it’s time that the NRDS groups start cooperating on a bigger level. The NRDS Coalition [NCA] is formed as a means for all serious NRDS groups of the entire New Eden galaxy to come together, get to know each other, share intel, cooperate, and fight piracy and NBSI.”

As a coalition rather than an alliance, the group is open to membership by alliances, corporations and even individual pilots. The requirements for membership are that the entity practices universal NRDS (NRDS everywhere, even in null sec and wormhole space) and is opposed to piracy and similar acts of criminality.

IPI joins fellow alliances Republic Alliance [RE-AL], The Paganism Alliance [TPA], Omnimodus Alliance [OMNI], Care Factor [C.F] and Spurious Alliance [SPUR] as well as the corporations Theia Aima Lilith [.LIL.], Defender’s Hope [DHOPE], Jedi High Council [JEDIE], Cairn Corporation [JHVDS] and Yulai Guard [-YG-].

Those interested in learning more about the NRDS Coalition can join its diplomatic channel “DIPLO-NCA” for additional information.