INTAKI – The Intaki Assembly has harshly condemned the Imperfects mercenary corporation for organizing a combat tournament on Intaki Prime which featured capsuleers providing off-field support via orbital strikes. The tournament, which involved mercenary corporations from across the cluster, was characterized by the Assembly as “an illegal bloodsport which caused untold damage to the planetary biosphere.”

According to information gleaned from satellite reports, survey probes, and official releases from the organizers, the tournament took place amidst military installations recently abandoned by Mordu’s Legion and the Ishukone Watch after the revocation of the Blind Auction by Tibus Heth. The mercenary corporations involved battled over the objectives on the planet, while capsuleers, who had been encouraged to place bets on the matches, were allowed to assault the facilities from orbit. Over the course of the tournament, numerous orbital strikes were recorded, and satellite images show several of the facilities have been reduced to rubble.

The majority of the installations were far from inhabited areas, typically being placed in arid regions of the planet without much surrounding wildlife. The Intaki Assembly claims this is irrelevant. “Orbital strikes, even tactical ones on remote sites, can kick up dust and spread pollution and wreckage,” the press release read. “It is unconscionable that someone thought these activities were acceptable for entertainment and profit. That doesn’t even consider the fact that it was essentially killing for fun. The Intaki Assembly would have never sanctioned such an event.”

Tournament organizer Kane Spero brushed off such criticism, saying, “If anything, they should be thanking us for providing free demolition of those abandoned bases. If not for us, who knows? Kids might have gotten into them. Besides, it’s not like anyone was permanently injured.”