frarieviSystem/Region: Frarie/Placid
Colony Common Name: Frarie VI
Colony Local Name: Rohaanar
Government Type: Theocracy
Population: 25,000
Principal exports: None


Frairie VI is a temperate planet, but only just. Orbiting closer to the Frarie star than its neighbor Frarie VII, and with a much higher average temperature, the planet is also nearly devoid of fresh water. For these reasons, it was initially passed over for colonization.

Some 30 years after the settlement on Frarie VII was ordered into quarantine, a cult led by Idama Jeevan Nirantar decided to relocate to the planet to escape scrutiny they were under on the Intaki homeworld.

Nirantar and his followers, called the Rohaani, were extreme followers of the Intaki principles of minimalism and the tradition of the Rebirth. They believed that only by following the most deprived lifestyle could their souls be cleansed and be prepared for the final ascension of consciousness (a process known to the Intaki as the Rohaan).

While living on Intaki Prime, the cultists were known to clash with other people due to their extreme interpretations of the Ida. Rohaani, for example, normally eschew clothing of any kind, nor do they “waste” water by bathing. While most Rohaani subsist on a minimal diet of lentils and rice, all are vegan.

The most controversial of their beliefs, however, is what they call a “conservation of consciousness.” For the Rohaani, the creation of a new life is an extreme waste of resources and collective set back to their goal of universal Rohaan. They believe it takes many lifetimes of sacrifice to reach the final ascension and so a child who is not a reborn elder represents generations of future labor toward perfection.

As an extension of this belief, the Rohaani participate in a ceremony known as the “saunp dena.” When a Rohaani woman begins labor, the eldest or most infirmed member of the group is selected. At the moment of delivery, the elder commits an act of ritual suicide, freeing their consciousness for rebirth in the new infant.

Allegations that some Rohaani elders were “assisted” in their suicides led to the arrest and interrogation of several Rohaani leaders, including Nirantar. Before the investigations were completed, Nirantar and 25,000 of his followers fled the planet and established their colony on Frarie VI.

Authorities on Intaki Prime eventually charged Nirantar with murder, but recognizing the new colony’s autonomy under the articles of planetary settlement established by the Intaki Planetary Government made it impossible to extradite him. Nirantar was tried in absentia and convicted.

In a surprise move, Nirantar agreed to be transported to Intaki for sentencing. However, prior to the arrival of Intaki authorities, Nirantar participated in a saunp dena ceremony.

When the Intaki police arrived, they found a suckling infant in place of the man they had come to detain. In accordance with Intaki traditions, criminal charges do not follow a person through rebirth and so the young Nirantar was left with his family.

While Nirantar grew and matured, leadership of the cult passed to his cousin, Shreemaan Rishtedaar. When Nirantar grew into adulthood, he resumed leadership and the two have alternated ever since.

Although a few members of the Rohaani have defected over the years, new settlers have arrived to follow the teachings of Nirantar. As a result, the colony has had a near-zero population change throughout its history.

Although it does maintain representation on the Intaki Assembly, the colony is largely isolationist and has no active trade agreements or diplomatic contact with any other member. Visitors are permitted, but no one may take up permanent residency without the express permission of Nirantar or Rishtedaar (whichever is in charge at the time.)

The colonists refer to their home as Rohaanar, which translates roughly as “The place of the final ascension.”

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