… The Gallente Prime homeworld is biodiverse, resulting in a great many amount of animal and plant species that has created millions of different recipes from that single planet alone. Similarly, more ecologically homogeneous worlds such as Caldari Prime or Intaki have their own unique produce which cannot be found anywhere else, interacting with recipes from Gallentia and other worlds the ethnic Gallente have settled, creating an even larger encyclopedia of foods. …[1]

… The laws regarding the candidacy of politicians in individual member states varies, and is heavily dependent on local culture. Often, unwritten rules and traditions of a nation will be reflected in who is eligible for candidacy, or at least in who ends up as one. They may be heads of political alliances, or champions of the virtual political forums. In Intaki territories, many candidates are Reborn. The more life cycles a Reborn has gone through, the more respect they are likely to get from the electorate. …[2]

Intaki is the home system of a major member of the Federation located in the war zone.

While the system itself is resource-poor, it is still one of the wealthiest systems in the Federation. When conquered by the Caldari and auctioned off, a deal was made behind closed doors offering money and shipping rights to one of the megacorps as a way of mitigating the effects of Caldari ownership.

It was the location of Verine Veaulore’s death.[3]

The Intaki Bank has seen brisk business in the decade since it decided to keep the names on all accounts secret and inaccessible to anyone.

It is public knowledge that dirty money pours in and out of the bank, but the general consensus of the Syndicate is that if the Syndicate doesn’t provide this service, then someone else will.[4]

The Intaki Syndicate is the biggest black market dealer in New Eden, a place where shady traders from the outer regions can meet merchants from empire space. Intaki Commerce handles these transactions, making a nice profit for the Syndicate.[5]

The Intaki Syndicate wants their space to be relatively trouble-free, so as to encourage people to visit and spend their money. With empire policing infrequent, they employ their own force, the Intaki Space Police, to enforce the peace.[6]

Joelyn Donalokos is an Intaki Mind Clash player—a seven-year veteran Clash Master, and the World Champion for two years. He has topped the Mind Clash income charts for the past three years. His signature Mind Clash move is the Blue Tiger illusion, which has become one of the most widely-recognized symbols in the whole world.[7]

Kamokor IV is the location of Waschi City, where many of the Intaki who fought with the Caldari against the Gallente during the Gallente-Caldari War settled after hostilities ceased.[8]

… Sebiestor have a strong alignment with several of the principles of the Intaki. While they don’t believe in the strict reincarnation of singular entities, they do acknowledge the possibility that an essence may choose to once again share itself with the material world. Not every soul will be born again, but they may pass their wisdom on to others who come after them, that achieves the same goals but on a more general level. It is the essence that is passed on rather than the singular identity. The Sebiestor may consider the soul a personification of a particular essence that recurs across lifetimes, such as their spiritual leader, who serves as an apex or meeting point for many spiritual elements. …[9]

March YC108

… More positively, the Federation’s University of Caille announced plans by its Department of Archaeology to explore the Crux constellation in search of ancient ruins. In further happy news, the Intaki Reborn and philosopher Vremaja Idama announced his marriage to Vika Kuvakei, daughter of a renowned Caldari patriot. …[10]

May YC108

… The Gallente elections continued to produce controversy in May when Mentas Blaque visited the city of Hueromont on Gallente Prime, ostensibly to commemorate those Gallenteans who had died there when the Caldari Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba flew his carrier into the planet’s atmosphere during the Gallente-Caldari War. Using the occasion to deliver a speech urging vigilance on the part of Federation citizens and reminding his audience of their duty to safeguard the ‘homeland’ Blaque was accused by liberal commentators of being deliberately inflammatory. Some saw the resignation soon afterwards of Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama from his lecturing post at the University of Caille as connected with Blaque’s speech, pointing to his recent marriage to the Caldari Vika Kuvakei. …[10]

August YC109

… August was also notable for the capture by Gallente Federation Customs of a Serpentis Corporation carrier laden with the designer drug RISE. Several members of the Intaki Illoren movement were later arrested by Federation authorities when they protested the handling of the carrier capture, among them Vorada Kuvakei, former Mordu’s Legion officer and leader of the Illoren. …[11]

February YC112

… On the 24th of February, 13:37 EST, the Intaki star system was retaken from State Protectorate control by combined Federal Defence Union forces, lead by FDU participants Eleutherian Guard, the Azure Horizon Federate Militia, Mixed Metaphor, and Moira. corporation. This marked the end of roughly a year of Caldari occupation of the star system.

Additionally, the entirety of the Viriette constellation was retaken. This marked the end of both Ishukone and Hyasyoda control of the constellation’s systems. …[12]


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