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Category: News

Below is a complete listing of all news pieces both about ILF/IPI and other events in the Intaki sovereignty.

Vaanin: A Cleaner Look

The Vaanin k’Intaki, a feature of the Intaki Liberation Front Galnet portal since YC113, is a highly detailed and informative document produced originally by Sanjorel Epsulahm Artabanus in an effort to raise awareness of Modern Classic Intaki, the language in use by many Intaki natives and those who live throughout the sovereignty colonies.

The Vaanin k’Intaki has undergone an extensive update. Qualified experts have worked hard over the last three months to improve legibility and readability so interested parties in New Eden will have an overall improved experience while studying and learning this language.

To view the updated document, simply visit the Vaanin k’Intaki: Speech of the Intaki page and click the book’s cover image.

Announcing ILF’s New Logo

To Our Valued Allies and Friends:

Recently, the Intaki Liberation Front initiated a brand audit. One of the key findings to emerge was that our corporation logo did not adequately reflect who we are today – leaders in promoting a free and independent Intaki sovereignty that preserves and celebrates Intaki culture, with a reputation for resiliency, dedication, and goodwill.

With this in mind, we embarked on updating our image. I am pleased to unveil the Intaki Liberation Front’s new logo:

Galnet Portal Update

I am excited to bring two announcements to you today.

First, this evening the Intaki Liberation Front has rolled out a new corporation logo. This rebrand has been done to give our corporation a more recognizable and meaningful identity. The new logo contains symbolism representative of our roleplay, and “Intaki red” and gold (with black) are now the official corp colors.

Intaki Prime Relief Effort Update

The Intaki Prime Relief Effort is a program which ILF has operated since YC111. In its very early days, contributions to the program came mainly from ILF pilots, but as news of the relief effort spread, donations from allies and other unaffiliated groups quickly became the norm.

Many of the donations we receive are made anonymously. We respect that these individuals or groups wish to keep their identities private, even from us, whatever the reason.

Intaki Prime Relief Effort

In recent days the Intaki system has been subject to unfortunate events which have had a variety of disruptive or destructive consequences for local businesses and residents. In light of this and in cooperation with requests made by the Intaki Assembly, the Intaki Liberation Front has brought in extra volunteers and staff to ensure efficient and timely handling of supplies donated via our Intaki Prime Relief Effort program.

Intaki Assembly Condemns “Orbital Strike Tournament”

INTAKI – The Intaki Assembly has harshly condemned the Imperfects mercenary corporation for organizing a combat tournament on Intaki Prime which featured capsuleers providing off-field support via orbital strikes. The tournament, which involved mercenary corporations from across the cluster, was characterized by the Assembly as “an illegal bloodsport which caused untold damage to the planetary biosphere.”

Tibus Heth Invalidates Blind Auction

PIAK – State Executor Tibus Heth announced today that he would invalidate the results of the blind auction of Federation contested space that took place in YC111, citing systemic failures of the megacorporations to retain control of their territories and suggesting that at least some of the megacorps may have retained foreign funding.

IPI Statement on Mordu’s Legion

Namas Tayam. Greetings all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked by IPI President Eionell to make a formal statement following the disgraceful attacks by Provist elements within the State military against Ishukone assets on the Intaki homeworld.

Two days ago the IPI offered our support to our allies in I-RED but I want to draw attention to those brave soldiers and pilots who have been instrumental in defending Intaki interests from what is clearly a partisan assault from within a rapidly destabilizing State.

IPI to Revise Political Stance After Tumultuous Year

INTAKI PRIME – Following a year of highs and lows, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) and its executor corp, the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF), are in the process of enacting new policies to clarify and strengthen operations in YC115, including what may be a controversial revision to IPI’s public stance on the pursuit of independence.

Through the first and second quarters of YC114, IPI pilots participated in over thirty combat and industrial operations within what they refer to as the “Intaki sovereignty”, a grouping of systems in the Placid region with Intaki at its core. “These activities were well-attended by member pilots and guests, which was encouraging,” said IPI diplomat Bataav en Gravonere. “This year we plan to return to that level of operation and make the most of recent ship specification changes.”

Ishukone Expresses Anger at Caldari Provincial Directorate

Ground Fighting Erupts on Intaki Homeworld

MALKALEN – Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola has launched a public attack against the administration of State Executor Tibus Heth for allowing ground fighting to erupt on the homeworld of the Intaki, a major Federation member. Previously the only world in the contestable regions to have been completely excluded from planetside fighting, clashes between Federation and Caldari forces have erupted with absolutely no signs of abating.