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Category: Library

The library contains articles about the Intaki homeworld and its people that have been written by independent authors and is not officially endorsed by the Intaki Assembly.

Kapda: Ostingele VII

ostviiSystem/Region: Ostingele/Placid
Colony Common Name: Ostingele VII
Colony Local Name: Kapda
Government Type: Hybrid democracy/theocracy
Population: 225 million
Principal exports: Textiles

Duureanta: Harroule IV

harrouleivSystem/Region: Harroule/Placid
Colony Common Name: Harroule IV
Colony Local Name: Duureanta
Government Type: Republic
Population: 120 million
Principal exports: Electronic components, narcotic medicines and illicit drugs

Dubaana: Agoze V

agozevSystem/Region: Agoze/Placid
Colony Common Name: Agoze V
Colony Local Name: Dubaana
Government Type: Republic
Population: 10 million
Principal exports: Rocket fuel

From Whence We Came: Origin of the First Intaki Colonies

Saxon Hawke sat in his usual alcove facing the courtyard of the Intaki Cultural Center. He had finished his meditation some time ago, but was still sitting contemplatively. A casual observer might have followed his line of sight to a peacock that was strutting in full regalia, but the Suresha’s eyes were actually looking beyond the bird, across the courtyard, through the opposite wall and back into the past.

The young acolyte had to repeat himself several times to get his master’s attention.